Meet the unsung heroes from Southern Baptist Relief

You may have seen the group of gold shirted volunteers aiding flood victims during the Fremont County flood back in May. Those volunteers were from the Southern Baptist Relief Fund, a nation wide volunteer organization that is well known for relief efforts in several states. The team of volunteers who assisted County 10 residents were from Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, and Idaho. [image: 0 (16).jpeg] Pitchengine Communities followed up with State Director of the SBDR Dennis Belz and he said their volunteers assisted at least 177 homes around Fremont County. He noted there are seven jobs left according to their records. During the recovery, volunteers performed a multitude of tasks including mud removal, removal of insulation, placing tarps on roofs, and spraying "shockwave" - a product that kills mold spores. Belz noted, "We use Shockwave because bleach doesn't kill mold spores." Volunteers provided bottles of the Shockwave product to many Fremont County residents during the recovery stage. [image: 0 (10).jpeg] "I can't say enough about the communities in Fremont County," Belz said. Everyone from the local fire departments to churches who prepared meals to the Hudson Baptist Church who opened their doors to us and let us sleep in the sanctuary. The community was so supportive and we had a great working relationship the entire time." [image: 0 (9).jpeg] [image: 0 (12).jpeg] Alongside the SBDR was the Wyoming Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) group. This organization is a humanitarian association of independent voluntary organizations who may be active in all phases of disaster. Its mission is to foster efficient, streamlined service delivery to people affected by disaster, while eliminating unnecessary duplication of effort by cooperating, communicating, coordinating and collaborating. Wyoming VOAD Chairman Steve Barbour spoke with County 10 and explained that they're looking to form a Fremont County Long-term Recovery Group so as to be as prepared as possible when the next disaster strikes. "We're looking for anyone who has a heart for helping," Barbour noted. He added anyone with experience in fundraising, organizational skills, and secretarial skills would be great asset to the future organization. Barbour explained that Teton County is the only location in Wyoming that has a long-term recovery group already in place. If you or someone you know if interested in aiding the organization, there is an immediate need for financial resources and materials. Call Steve Barbour 307-680-0204 to donate and learn more. [image: 0 (17).jpeg] [image: 0 (15).jpeg] [image: 0 (19).jpeg] All photos: h/t Dennis Belz / Pitchengine Communities #county10 #news