Truck strikes State Patrol vehicle during crash investigation near Kinnear

(Kinnear, Wyo.) - The Fremont County Sheriff's Office responded to assist the Wyoming Highway Patrol with a one vehicle roll over west of Kinnear on Highway 26 Thursday evening. After assisting with the removal of the victim and subsequent investigation, Deputies were standing by while a wrecker service retrieved the involved vehicle. A marked, unmanned Wyoming Highway Patrol vehicle with illuminated emergency lights was within the east bound lane of travel providing traffic control and protection for the wrecker service. During this time frame Deputies observed a 2004 Ford Truck approaching from the east that did not appear to be slowing down. The State Trooper attempted to shine his flashlight multiple times at the driver to slow down; however the truck entered the crash scene at highway speeds sending the Trooper and Deputy running to the borrow ditch. The driver of the truck eventually locked the brakes however was not able to completely stop. The Ford struck the State Patrol vehicle head on at a relatively low speed. The driver and sole occupant of the vehicle was identified as 66 year old Cynthia Lonn of Dubois, she was not injured. Lonn was found to be in possession of an open can of beer when Deputies made their initial contact; she was subsequently arrested for Driving While under the Influence of Alcohol and jailed. Lonn was also charged with Failure to Comply with Traffic Direction and Open Container of Alchohol. The two Deputies, Trooper and the wrecker driver were not injured. The State Patrol Vehicle sustained cosmetic damages. #county10 #news