"...we came to ClubReduce and Dr. Conard and our lives changed."

*(Riverton, Wyo.) *- ClubReduce's goal is not only to help people with weight loss, but more importantly, to encourage a healthier lifestyle. Austin's story is evidence of the impact ClubReduce can have and the path he is taking to reach his happiest, healthiest self. Growing up Austin struggled with allergies from food and the environment. In an interview with ClubReduce, Austin's mother, Bea Binker, expressed her concerns and told them other doctors told her that her sons weight problem was due to junk food, not allergies. "Then we came to club reduce and Dr Conrad and our lives changed," said Bea. Tracy Givens, Wellness Coordinator at Club Reduce was eager to find other solutions for Austin.The biggest challenge for Austin was the change in diet and how he ate. "Austin used to be very protective of his food," Bea said. "But with the help of ClubReduce, he eats slower and his overall demeanor about food has changed." After just a couple of months, Austin began to see great results. He has gained more confidence socially, and he has noticed a shift in energy levels. Austin's mom mentioned, "I started out thinking this was something I needed to do and it was really something Austin needed to do with my support. Without Austin, I don't think I would have been strong enough to do this on my own, but when we found out how bad Austin's health was, it triggered the mom in me. We had to do this and it needed to help him. I think it's working because we are doing it together as a team." The direct and positive impact that ClubReduce has had on Austin's lifestyle and health are immanent. He is well on his way to reaching his happiest, healthiest self and that's a story worth telling! Tracy is the Wellness Coordinator of Club Reduce at Natural Health Solutions . She would be overjoyed to hear your story and help you reach your healthiest, happiest self. Tracy can be reached at 307-856-8181. Connect with ClubReduce on Facebook ! #naturalhealthsolutions #sponsored #county10 #news