Rough and Tumble Runners tackle 50K, 11 mile and 4 mile races

(Lander, Wyo.) - It was a gorgeous morning for a run ... 50K, 11 mile & 4 mile runs to be exact. Lander Running Club founder, Evan Reimondo said 64 runners signed up for the races as of Friday night. "It's a great turnout," he told County 10. "We even ran out of t-shirts which is a good problem to have," he added. *Six runners took on the toughest challenge of them all - the 50K*. Runners left Bruce's Parking Lot at 6:30 a.m. and continued on the single-loop course with the start and finish at Bruce's parking lot. The course was almost all on dirt, with only 2 miles of scenic pavement, a majority on singletrack, and some on two-track. [image: IMG_20160625_075525.jpg] [image: IMG_20160625_080203.jpg] *Around 20 11-milers* (photographed above) started their run from Bruce's Parking lot at 8:00 a.m. They tackled a paved climb of 1,200 feet over 5 miles to the top of the switchbacks- a runnable but relentless grade. Runners then turned off onto the gorgeous, swooping single track of the new Brewer's trail, traversing around Fossil Hill with spectacular views of the plains, canyon, and foothills before plunging steeply back down into Sinks Canyon on narrow, technical trail and finishing at Bruce's Parking lot. Watch them take off up the switchbacks below: VIDEO *Finally, around 40 4-milers* took on the shortest distance this morning, leaving Bruce's Parking lot at 8:30 a.m. This group of runners climbed up to the 1st switch back and from there turned off onto the bottom of the new Brewer's trail. They traversed on single track through dense forest and steep hillsides before looping back up the canyon along the river to the finish line. [image: IMG_20160625_092115.jpg] [image: IMG_20160625_092112.jpg] [image: IMG_20160625_092017.jpg] Today's races were hosted by the Lander Running Club, a free and inclusive, community-based organization for and by runners. Learn more about Lander Running Club here . h/t to this year's race sponsors below: [image: IMG_20160625_101444.jpg] *Feature photo: Third place overall male runner (Logan Milek pictured with Race Director Evan Reimondo) at the sinks canyon Rough and Tumble race today. Logan, crushed his first race longer than a 5k. h/t Josh Milek *