Five Independence Day projects that won't set anything on fire

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - As reported in a previous article on County 10, Lander is also allowing fireworks to be shot off within city limits. That allowance is from 10 a.m. July 4th to midnight. Fireworks are also allowed in the county. However, fireworks are NOT allowed inside the city limits of Riverton. Fremont County District Fire Chief Craig Haslam tells County 10, "The grass and sagebrush are really drying up. We're urging folks to be extra cautious during the holiday festivities. Be careful if you're planning on using fireworks." While nothing can replace the fun of bottle rockets and the sight of a big pyrotechnic display, for folks staying in the city limits of Riverton, or anyone looking for an alternative form of entertainment on the Fourth, there are still some things you can with the kids that won't break the bank or any rules. 1. *Balloon Bombs -* All you need are balloons, confetti (or glitter, even more obnoxious! Score!) and a funnel. If you're really looking to get dirty, try filling water balloons with water tinted by food coloring first. 2. *Pinatas* - Again, nothing can substitute the joy of blowing something up. But how about beating something repeatedly with a baseball bat and at the end you get candy? (Remember to fill the pinata with prizes, though, or you're just beating cardboard with a stick.) 3. *LED Lights / Glow Sticks* - You can still spell your name when it gets dark, you don't need sparklers. 4. *Diet Coke and Mentos* - These both still exist, if you desperately need something to make a huge, noisy mess. 5. *Get out and have some fun. *Check out the list of events happening around Fremont County HERE. #county10 #news