Riverton Airport welcomes first flight from Denver Air Connection

Denver Air Connection flew the inaugural RIW-DEN flight yesterday morning, much to the delight of passengers and watching dignitaries. Glen Rich, co-owner of DAC's parent company Key Lime Air, was one of the pilots and came into the terminal to say a few words to those gathered. [image: img_7460.jpg] “This is great,” declared Lander resident Ed Lee. “I am headed to a wedding in Portland, OR and was planning to drive to Denver. Instead, I am flying and will arrive at DEN in an hour, instead of driving for almost six. It’s cheaper, easier and faster than driving. What a great opportunity for Fremont County to once again have reliable, consistent air service.” DAC will provide twice daily jet service to Denver Monday- Saturday, once on Sunday. The morning flight originates in Sheridan, and the afternoon flight flies Riverton to Sheridan before heading to Denver. This provides a convenient method of travel between the two communities for work or pleasure. Tickets are available on-line through the website.