10 breathtaking photos that will make you grateful to live in Fremont County, WY, USA

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - What's the best thing about living in Fremont County, Wyoming? That depends on who you ask. For some it's the wide open spaces, wildlife, hiking, the views or that serene, quiet way of life. Over the past couple of days many of YOU have shared some stunning photos that capture the essence of why we all love to live, work and play here in Fremont County, Wyoming, USA. Here are 10 of our favorites... 1. "The rainbow after the rain on June 30th." h/t Lindsey Drewiske [image: picsart_070101.37.28 (1).jpg] 2. "Photo taken above Frye Lake with a GoPro mounted on the family dog." h/t Dometrio Alcaraz [image: 20160702_21.34.31.jpg] 3. "Woman walking her colt." h/t Lindsey Drewiske [image: img_20160701_084234.jpg] 4. "Hummingbirds are thoroughly enjoying the honeysuckle flowers on the twining vines of our patio trellis here in Lander." h/t Roberta Neuens [image: hummingbird_honeysuckle (1).jpg] 5. "The bus after the storm - had it all to myself!" h/t Evan Reimondo [image: image215 (1).jpg] [image: image216.jpg] 6. "Momma moose and her baby at Louis Lake." h/t Alisa Foy [image: image217.jpg] 7. "Driftwood art as seen at Worthen Meadows." h/t Tammy Quarles. [image: 2f8ee3ed-6b4e-462e-ae53-14f3623a5ae6.jpg] 8. "Moving up the road." h/t misscowboykris on Instagram . [image: ksfnjsdfuw.JPG] 9. Backyard views in Riverton, Wyo. h/t Amanda Gaudern [image: ag.JPG] 10. "The office is spectacular tonight! #potofgold somewhere on Turtle Ranch in Dubois." h/t Katie Wiltshire [image: 13557843_10154386975897450_2105990983629710226_n.jpg] *Feature photo: "Photo taken above Frye Lake with a GoPro mounted on the family dog." h/t Dometrio Alcaraz* Click here to share a photo of Fremont County* from your perspective!* #county10 #news #snapped