Are you faster than a 7th grader?

Not likely if the 7th grader we're discussing is Madison Chance. [image: Madison running.png] In a recent Middle School race, she ran a 200 meter hurdles time that also earned her 1st place at the meet and broke a school record with a time of 28.79 seconds. It was the first time she's run the 200 meter hurdles. Video of that run below: [vid of 200 m run] With these fast times, coaches urged Madison to travel to Montana to compete in the Region 11 USATF Junior Olympic Track and Field Championships in late June. There Madison placed 1st in the 200 meter hurdles (time: 29.75), 3rd on 100mH and 4th in 200mH. She qualified in all 3 events for Nationals in Sacramento, California for USATF. [image: Madison on the Podium.png] But, what may be even more intriguing to the Wyoming-proud sports fan is that athletically-speaking track is Madison's 2nd passion. The sport she excels in and is drawing significant regional attention for is soccer. At 13, Madison will attend the Region IV Olympic Development Program try-out in Oregon this Summer. She has hopes of earning a spot on the squad which represents an elite handful of players from the 13 Western states. [image: Madison soccer.png] *(Madison joins the Colorado Storm FC team playing in Denver at the Players Cup)* Since she was 8 years old Madison has played on a boys Lander Strikers club team that has enjoyed a lot of success. They travel around the state and the region, usually winning tournaments where they go. On the soccer field Madison stands out as much for her play as for being the only girl on the field. Her Lander Strikers Club coach, Anthony Lowham commented, "She has not played a soccer game in the last six years in which parents of the opposing players were not talking about "that girl that plays for Lander." [image: Madison with Coach Tony.png] *(Coach Tony Lowham giving instruction to Madison)* Lowham added, "She is one of the leaders on our team. She is a role model for any soccer player, male or female, in regards to her dedication, focus and effort. She is a beast on the pitch and I predict great things for her in the future." #county10 #springcity #news