Local rider severely injured after equipment allegedly left on track

(Lander, Wyo.) - On Sunday, July 3rd the Indian Relay Races at the Lander Pioneer Days Rodeo began as normal. However, it ended abruptly after one local rider, Brandon Weed, suffered a severe injury after falling from his horse and hitting a tractor that was on the track. Brandon was taken to Lander Hospital by ground ambulance and subsequently life-flighted to Denver with three broken vertebrae, a punctured a lung, gashes & bruises, and a severely bruised hip. County 10 spoke with Lander Pioneer Days Rodeo president, Scott Goetz, and he confirmed that there was an injury to one of the Indian Relay Riders and that the rider was taken to the hospital via ambulance. Goetz would not release any further information citing the fact that he "did not witness the incident" and therefore would not comment. [image: 13608242_165097600573408_597796315_n.jpg] *(Above photo: Brandon being taken by ground ambulance. h/t Brandon's sister, SharMaine Weed / Pitchengine Communities). * An anonymous source who was at the rodeo and an eye-witness to the incident tells County 10 that someone unaffiliated with the rodeo crew shouted GO before the race was ready to begin. Therefore the race was started before all the equipment had cleared the track. We spoke with Brandon's sister, SharMaine Weed, this morning and she shared her account of the incident. "As the riders went around the first bend everyone was in position. Brandon was coming on the outside and was getting ready to pass the rest of the riders. When the group came around the bend, we could only see three riders ... we were all wondering 'where was Brandon?'" SharMaine said a man came out into the track and told everyone to stop the race. SharMaine ran into the track and found her brother laying down on the ground. She said "he was in a lot of pain...he was groaning." SharMaine recounted what Brandon had told her: "When he went around that first corner he said there was a tractor in the way and his horse tried to avoid it. Brandon remembers as his horse attempted to avoid the tractor he was flipped onto the tractor disc." SharMaine said her brother is in surgery in Denver right now. His mom and other sister are with him right now. Brandon is 30 years old and has been racing for a total of 21 years. When he was 14-years-old he took the World Championship in the Indian Relay Races in Sheridan, Wyoming. Last year Brandon had broken his ankle after his horse went backwards on him, and he was just now getting back into racing. "This is going to be another long road to recovery," said SharMaine. "We hope that the rodeo crew will have better communication on the track for next year," said SharMaine. "One little mistake could take a person's life." [image: 13625044_165097153906786_189830127_n.jpg] *Above photo: Photo of the Rodeo Grounds after the incident. h/t Brandon's sister, SharMaine Weed / Pitchengine Communities). * [image: 0 (1).jpeg] *Above and feature photo: Brandon Weed of the Morning Starr team participates in last week’s Eastern Shoshone Indian Days Chief Washakie Memorial Indian Relay Races at Fort Washakie. h/t Cat Urbigkit.* *#county10 #news *