Looking for volunteers? Fremont Motors wants to donate time for a local cause.

With a goal to help our local communities, Fremont Motors has launched their Fremont Volunteer Time Off Program. This program empowers their full-time employees to volunteer at their preferred local non-profit organization or schools. While many of us struggle to get away for these activities while working a 9-5 job, Fremont Motors employees are now able to donate up to 2 full days or up to 16 hours of their time for volunteer activities! To go a step further, when their employees reach 16 hours of volunteer time, they automatically qualify for a $250 Champion Grant to gift to the organization of their choice. The Fremont Motors team is looking to make a positive difference! If you are a local cause that they can get involved with helping, please let them know here . #fremontmotors #sponsored #county10 #oilcity #reboot #dally #springcity #bootstrapped #news