525 Mile Hike and Bike Across Wyoming To Fight Multiple Sclerosis

(Wyoming) - Glenn Remelts of Grand Rapids, Michigan has had a dream for the past eight years ... and he's turning this dream into reality starting July 30th at the Wyoming/Colorado border. Glenn will be biking and hiking 525 miles through Wyoming to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. [image: 0 (5).jpeg] His wife, Nancy has had MS for the past 23 years. About four years ago she was having trouble with her mobility and was near the point of needing to be in a wheelchair. Glenn told County 10, "I thought I wasn't ever going to be able to hike again because Nancy's condition was getting so bad." That's when Nancy decided it was time to make a dramatic change. Watch more of here journey with MS below: VIDEO Nancy told County 10, "Four years ago I started doing physical therapy and exercising at our local fitness center ... I'd work hard on certain muscle groups and I finally regained my strength." With these great improvements, Glenn knew it was time to begin his journey in honor of his wife. "Three things came together to make this project possible," Glenn said. "First, Nancy has beaten back MS enough to realize measurable improvement in her quality of life, partly due to a rigorous exercise regimen. In turn, her improved health gives me the freedom to pursue this thirty-four day adventure. And finally my retirement on January 1, 2016 gives me the necessary time to pursue this adventure." Glen added, "But in the end, this is really a gift for Nancy." Glenn's journey across Wyoming will follow the continental divide. It's a three-part journey with a mixture of hiking and biking. Glen and his team, which is comprised of his son, daughter and hiking friends, are planning to be in South Pass on August 6th. There will also be a celebration event for him here in Lander on August 7th during his "off-day." The location and time is of this event is TBD and we'll update as soon as possible. Glenn's journey will end in Yellowstone National Park on September 4th where Nancy will join him in celebration. [image: CDT-Wyoming2.fw_.png] Here are some quick facts about the ride: - 525 miles from the Colorado/Wyoming border to the west entrance of Yellowstone - The entire trip will take 32-34 days – July 30 to approximately September 4, 2016 - Only four paved roads will be crossed - Elevation between 7,000 and 11,500 feet - 180 miles of biking through the Great Divide Basin between Rawlins and South Pass (see map and elevation map below) - Eleven or more people will join Glenn – Our son & daughter, two long-time hiking friends, one hiker from Wyoming, and several other friends. Nancy will join us for a mile or two in Yellowstone! Riverton local Nancy Eustice was diagnosed with MS in 1997. She will be hiking with Glenn for about 25 miles of his journey from August 8th - 10th. "I read about his trip in the MS Connection Magazine and I decided to contact him," Eustice said. "I'm excited and honored to be part of his journey." [image: 0.png] Eustice did the Lander Half Marathon this past weekend and took first in the 50-year-old age group with a time of 2:14.00. "You never know with MS," Nancy said. "I just want to keep running. I eat healthy and work out. MS affects everyone differently...some people get it and go down pretty fast. You just never know." Glenn chose Wyoming because he's taken nearly ten trips here in the past and he "loves Wyoming" ... he especially enjoys the Wind River Range. Glenn has always lived an active lifestyle, but to prepare for this 525 mile journey he's added a little more strength training to his regimen. He and his team will be camping and hauling their own gear and equipment the entire way. If you'd like to learn more about Glenn's journey, click here . If you'd like to donate to the MS cause through his journey, click here. Their goal is to raise $20,000 -- that's about $40 for every mile hiked or biked. [image: 0 (6).jpeg] *Feature photo: Glenn and Nancy Remelts / Pitchengine Communities* #county10 #news #whatshappening