Prepare for the unexpected

Planning for your loved ones’ financial security should anything happen to you is something everyone needs to address. We believe insurance is a very important part of your financial strategy. Without it, everything you have worked for could be at risk. How much life insurance do you need? One quick rule of thumb you can use is to calculate 7 to 10 times your current salary. While quicker, this approach is not based on your specific long-term goals. That's why we generally recommend the Needs Approach. The Needs Approach involves adding up your expenses and debts. Then include your income, multiplied by how long you would need to replace it. The total equals the amount of life insurance you may need. Use our Life Insurance Needs calculator to start your estimate, and then work with your financial advisor to refine it. Whichever method you use, it makes sense to come up with a better idea of what you really need before you buy any type of insurance. That's where your local financial advisor can help. With a better understanding of your family's situation and needs, along with our tools and resources, your financial advisor can come up with options that make the most sense for you. [image: Inline image 1]#edwardjonesmickpryor #sponsored #county10 #springcity #news