Follow Friday!

#FollowFriday Pitchengine recently launched Pitchengine Pages, a new way for organizations to share their news and connect with their customers directly on County 10. These local organizations are already using Pages to connect with our community! Be sure to follow them to stay in-the-know Riverton Branch Library [image: Inline image 1] Bar 10 [image: Inline image 2] Wyoming's Wind River Country [image: Inline image 3] Create a page for your local business or organization by following these simple steps... - Go to and click the 'Get Started' button. The site will walk you through how to create your page in just a few clicks. - Share your news! You can post all your fliers, special events, etc. to your Pitchengine Page for free. - To push your pitch to County10 you can choose the "promote your pitch" option which is $100 every time you want a pitch to be visible on your news stream. [image: Inline image 4]