10 festive photos of Riverton Day in the Park celebration

Another huge crowd descended on Riverton City Park to shop from the rows of vendors, snack away at the many food stations, gather information from a good number of groups and organizations, be entertained and generally have a good time. County 10 was there capturing the essence of the day... 1. The art was impressive this year! [image: IMG_20160709_091102.jpg] 2. 37 competitors, including Under-12 skater Brandon Bell pictured below, took part in the 2016 Wild West Skateboard Contest Series put on by the CWSA and Remax in Riverton this weekend. [image: 13620211_1161988000555025_4461052813678672651_n.jpg] 3. Noel Cooper of Injury Prevention Resources helped out with the newest attraction in Riverton - 307 Bucking Grill [image: IMG_20160709_090550.jpg] 4. Day in the Park has some of the best food around! [image: 13615378_1246082938749986_4949626399336252753_n.jpg] 5. Of course there was much taste testing of homemade jelly & salsa from this local mother-daughter duo![image: IMG_20160709_090919.jpg] 6. Amazing wood carvings all the way from Salt Lake City![image: IMG_20160709_090157.jpg] 7. County 10 shared #headsup signs, stickers and popsicles! [image: IMG_20160709_100819.jpg] 8. Tracey Coleman of Laramie showing his bubble maker. [image: Screenshot 2016-07-09 at 3.42.43 PM.png] 9. These skateboarders have some serious skills ... and we love that they're being #headsup! [image: IMG_20160709_093008.jpg] 10. And what's a Day in the Park without a bouncy house?![image: IMG_20160709_092351.jpg] We're already looking forward to next year! #county10 #news