Fremont Motor Lander gets a Facelift!

(Lander, Wyo.) - If you've driven by the former Fremont Motor store in Lander it's easy to recognize that you won't be getting your oil changed or browsing fo new car models at that location as it's completely deserted. In mid-June, Fremont Motor Company moved into their brand new location at 555 Main Street in Lander near Lander Valley High School. The new building is at total of 38,000 square feet and houses two brands - Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Dodge Jeep & Ram. "Our main purpose of this move is to better serve our customers," said Arin Guschewsky, General Manager of Fremont Motor Lander. "In our previous facility we weren't able to handle our business as efficiently as possible. Now we're able to offer the best products and services to our customers." [image: IMG_20160630_121040.jpg] The new store is bright and airy and offers the following services: Sales, Express Maintenance, Parts Department, Retail Detail, and Finance & Accounting. There is one change that customers should be aware of when entering the Express Maintenance service area. If you're getting your vehicle serviced, instead of parking outside of the service area, the new facility requires you to pull in to the enclosed service drive and someone will greet you. Arin says this will save the customer time and energy during their service appointment. "We want our customer's experience to exceed their expectations," said Guschewsky. "When you come to Fremont Motor you'll be greeted with highly trained, experienced, and caring staff members who are excited to serve you." Meet the teams below: Ford Sales Team: Christina Vugia, Tony Crippen, Brandon Archambault, and Rory Robinson (not pictured, Chris White, Jaysen Hayes) [image: 0 (6).jpg] Ford and Dodge Technicians: Nick Weesaw, Jason Bass, Joe Hatch, Michael Quinday, Roland Stahley, Shawn Carmack (not pictured, Brannon Reeves) [image: 0 (7).jpg] Ford and Dodge Fleet Department: Karl Florence, Adam Hartenstein [image: 0 (8).jpg] Ford and Dodge Detail Department: Isaac Manning, Grant Sywassink, Dale Peden, Kevin Slinker, Chad Davey [image: 0 (9).jpg] Ford Service Team: Ray Puroll, Jacob Goodrich, Randy Ketring [image: 0 (10).jpg] Dodge Service Team: Clark Hanson, Jillian Johnson, Tom Haberman, Toby Errickson [image: IMG_20160630_120148.jpg] Accounting Office: Kailey Koltiska, Julie Smith, Tianna Peeve, Teri Clouser [image: 0 (11).jpg] Parts Department: Tom Haberman, Jillian Johnson, Clark Hanson (not pictured, Toby Erikkson) [image: 0 (12).jpg] Dodge Sales Team: Mark Elliott, Conrad Thain, Nicholas Robeson, Jaysen Hayes, Nathan Minick, Tony Crippen [image: 0 (13).jpg] [image: IMG_20160630_121120.jpg] #county10 #news