Recent Arrests in Fremont County

Here is the report of the most recent arrests around the county from local enforcement agencies. All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Riverton Police Department* 28-year-old female, Arapahoe, cited for Public Intoxication. Benjamin M. Ridgley, 60, Ethete, Arrested for Public Intoxication. Daniel L. Brown, 54, Ethete, Public Intoxication. Aloysius Piper, 47, Ethete, Arrested on three outstanding Failure to Appear Warrants. Latasha Littlelight, 35, Montana, Arrested for Resisting Arrests. After she was getting violent the Center of Hope and refusing command she was arrested. Elden Antelope, 51, Riverton, Arrested for Public Intoxication. Kevin Wilson, 35, Riverton, Probation Revocation Warrant Arrest. Matthew Woodard, 21, Public Intoxication. Ronald Brown, 65, St. Stephens, Public Intoxication Orlando Torres, 29, Arapahoe, Cited for Possession of Marijuana. Daniel Black, 34, Riverton, Arrested for Domestic Assault. The woman who reported the domestic disturbance did not require medical attention. She reports her husband Daniel was intoxicated and pushing her around. Reginald Shakespeare, 52, Minnesota, Arrested for Trespassing. *Fremont County Sheriff's Office * William Cashen, 46, Sheridan, Failure to Appear and Probation Revocation Arrest Warrants. Gary Clawson, 38, Riverton Contempt of Court Warrant. Hope Eppler, 47, Riverton, Driving While under the Influence. Eppler called for help indicating her truck was stuck on Ore Road about 56 Miles east of Riverton and she needed help. A deputy arrived to find the vehicle had been wrecked. Eppler stated she was going to Casper and made a wrong turn. Eppler lost control of the vehicle on a curve. She received minor injuries, after treatment she was jailed on allegations of Driving while Under the Influence. Jordan Murray, 31, Dubois, Breach of Peace and Battery. There was a report of a disorderly situation amongst 5 people who were intoxicated. Jordan Murray was arrested for Breach of Peace and Battery alleging he had punched another male involved and was causing a disturbance and would not go back inside. Robert Wallowingbull, 27, Riverton, Bond Revocation Arrest Warrant. A 19 year old Lander male was issued citations for Negligent Burning and Criminal Trespass. The subject was reported to be on another persons property without permission. The subject told the Deputy that he had lit a patch of grass on fire with a lighter and was unable to stomp it out. The fire burned up some old lumber and railroad ties, however could have destroyed other property. *Lander Police Department * Delore Tillman, 70, Fort Washakie, Cited for Expired Registration and no proof of insurance. Kevin Hebah, 34, Fort Washakie, Arrested for FCSO Warrant. Keith Kuder, 32, Lander, Arrested for Sweetwater County Warrant and Cited for No Driver's License. Baptiste Weed, 54, Fort Washakie, Arrested for Driving While under the Influence, Cited for No Driver's License, Improper Turn Signal, and No Proof of Insurance. Christopher Anglin, 24, Lander, Cited for Improper Backing. Jonathan Macey, 26, Lander, Cited for Open Container. [image: 6d68090d-ccd6-4b3c-a1ca-50d567e6ef52.png] #county10 #news