Game and Fish lethally remove two grizzlies in Dubois Sunday

(Dubois, Wyo.) - On Sunday, July 10th the Wyoming Game & Fish Department euthanized two young bear cubs who were causing trouble in neighborhoods around Dubois. Brian DeBolt, Large Carnivore Conflict Coordinator for the Wyoming Game & Fish explained these two-year-old male sibling cubs had been getting into residents' garbages near Jakey's Fork, Wind River, and the East Fork area near Dubois. "These cubs have quite a history," DeBolt explained. "Last year they were caught causing trouble with their mother and she was euthanized last summer." After two relocations, this is sibling cubs' third offense which promoted Wyoming Game and Fish to lethally remove them. DeBolt says this has been a busy, yet average year of bear activity. "As always, we remind folks to be careful when recreating in bear country. Remember to store you garbage and food away from bears and report any bear activity you see." *Feature Photo: Pitchengine Communities stock image of two grizzlies. h/t David Koch / Pitchengine Communities * #county10 #news