New charges pending for local auctioneer Clyde Stone

Local Auctioneer Clyde Stone was arrested in June for a felony fraud charge. Stone was charged with Fraud by Check, which comes with a punishment of up to 10 years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine. He allegedly wrote an insufficient funds check to a client for $5,651.15 last fall. The threshold for a felony. Read more about the case here. Today, Fremont County Attorney Pat LeBrun released the following statement regarding a development in the case involving Clyde Stone. "Developments have arisen in the case involving Clyde Stone, the specifics of which this Office is not at liberty to comment. Law enforcement personnel are actively investigating additional matters that have come to attention since the original charging documents were filed. Some of these matters may have merit and it is necessary for a full investigation to be completed before this case proceeds. This process is necessary and proper given the complexities involved. Mr. Stone’s case has been temporarily removed from the Court process while the investigation continues. New charges are pending and will be filed in the coming weeks. Please remember anyone accused of crime is innocent until proven guilty." Feature photo: h/t hxdbzxy / #county10 #news