Community Peace March drew nearly 50 walkers this morning in Riverton

(Riverton) - This morning nearly 50 people gathered for the second Community Peace March in honor of the Center of Hope shooting which took place one year ago today on July 18, 2015. Last summer Stallone Trosper was killed and James “Sonny” Goggles was critically injured at the Center of Hope by a Riverton parks employee, Roy Clyde. [image: IMG_20160718_095942.jpg] Community members gathered at the Rails to Trails Park across from the Center of Hope this morning around 10:00 a.m. Following a short prayer participants walked from the park down Main Street towards Riverton City Park. Riverton Police Department participated in the walk and conducted traffic control. Among the group of walkers and participants included the Riverton Police Chief Mike Broadhead and Mayor Lars Baker. Around six staff members from the Center of Hope also participated. VIDEO Organizer Ron Howard expressed gratitude for everyone who participated. "Today is a celebration of who we are, what we want from our community and a celebration of us coming together, natives and non-natives alike. Together we stand up for peace, prosperity, and we stand up to hatred, bigotry and fear," he said. "The fact that you're all here tells me that you are not afraid and that gives me comfort." Howard also acknowledged the violence going on across our country and world. "We're really lucky to live in this community. It's peaceful compared to other communities across the country." He credited the Riverton Police Department for their hard work in our community and highlighted Chief Broadhead's efforts in making our community a safe place to live. Mayor Lars Baker offered a few words as well. He said, "This community march is a great way to teach our children that we desire to live together in unity, peace and comfort." Howard closed the ceremony with a calling for participants to find one person they hadn't met, shake their hand and have a conversation. [image: IMG_20160718_102401.jpg] Howard spoke with County 10 after the crowd cleared. He said, "Unfortunately it took a tragic event like last year's shooting to bring our community together. So many people have stood up and vowed this will never happen again. Our community has grown stronger and more united in the past year." Howard encourages everyone in our community to lead by example and teach our children unity and peace. "Seize on every opportunity you can to help somebody ... it can be something as simple as buying someone a bottle of water or offering them a coat in the cold." Ron has organized a fundraiser to help raise money for a monument which will serve as a reminder of efforts for continued peace in our community. To learn more about this or donate contact Ron at (307) 240-1089 or connect with him via facebook . [image: IMG_20160718_100548.jpg] [image: IMG_20160718_101840.jpg] [image: IMG_20160718_101957.jpg] [image: IMG_20160718_102426.jpg] [image: IMG_20160718_102125.jpg] [image: IMG_20160718_102158.jpg] #county10 #news