Recent Arrests in Fremont County

Here is the report of the most recent arrests around the county from local enforcement agencies. All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Riverton Police Department* 54-year-old man, Riverton, Cited for Urinating in Public. Lionee Brown, 48, Riverton Arrested for Public Intoxication. Robin Blind, 35, Riverton, FTA Warrant. Benjamin Antelope, 47, Riverton, Arrested on Sweetwater County FTA Warrant. James Wheeler, 47, FTA Warrant Arrest. Also cited for possession of marijuana. Latasha Littlelight, 35, Montana, Arrested for Aggravated Assault and Battery. Read full story here. Robert Coles, 38, Riverton, Arrested for Public Intoxication. Gary Clawson, 38, Riverton, Arrested for Driving while under the Influence, Registration Violation, and Failure to Maintain lane of travel. Holly Addison, 36, Riverton, Arrested for DUI and Possession of Marijuana. James Little, 38, Riverton, Arrested on Sweetwater County Warrant. Michelle Eaglerod, 25, Lander, Arrested for Public Intoxication. *Lander Police Department * 62-year-old male, Lander, Cited for Improper Backing. Matthew Carnegy, 44, Lander, Arrested for DUI. Cited for stop sign violation, careless driving and open container. Benjamin Scott, 24, Lander, Cited for Careless Driving. Phoebe Soundingsides, 31, Riverton, Cited for Shoplifting and trespassing. Desirae Writingbird, 36, Riverton, Warrant Arrest. Michael Manderson, 33, St. Stephens, Cited for Open Container. Wesley Cassidy, 20, Lander, MIP and Trespassing Arrest. *Fremont County Sheriff's Department* Darrell Greer, 49, Riverton, Failure to Pay fines Arrest Warrant. Kyle Martin, 18, Riverton, Arrested for Unauthorized use of a Motor Vehicle. He reportedly stole a motorcycle out of someone's garage. The motorcycle was recovered and returned to its owner. On Sunday at around 5:30 p.m. there was a report of wind gusts capsized two boats in the Cottonwood Bay area of Boysen Reservoir. One person was stranded in the water and rescued by persons on jet skis prior to the arrival of any Emergency Crews who were advised to disregard the call as they were no longer needed. [image: f535db22-dab2-4133-87e5-8e4d60cc3c32.png] #county10 #news