Be #headsup while playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has recently taken over the lives of many people of all ages. Pokemon Go is a virtual reality video game that is played on smart phones, but also requires players to get up and walk around to find the Pokemon. Although this is a very fun game that offers a new and exciting twist to gaming it is important to be Heads Up while you are catching a Chikorita! Here's how you can stay safe while playing Pokemon Go: *Never drive and play.* Distracted driving not only puts you in danger it puts everyone around you in danger. [image: Inline image 1] *Pay attention to where you're walking*. If you're not paying attention to your surroundings you might find yourself walking into a ditch, out in the middle of a busy street, or off a bluff! [image: Inline image 3] It is also important to remember that everyday rules and laws are still in play in the Pokemon world. *This includes, no trespassing.* [image: Inline image 2] Be #headsup and have fun! With the help of Fremont Motor Company, Injury Prevention Resources, and Mountain View Regional Hospital & Clinic, Pitchengine Communities has launched a #headsup campaign across the state of Wyoming with the goal of getting people to think about their communities first. In addition to slowing down this campaign is about thinking about your community — the place you choose to live — and ensuring we all play a role in watching it grow. There are so many ways you can contribute — whether it’s handing over the keys to a sober driver after a summer barbecue or putting the phone down until you arrive at your next destination. It’s really up to you to be #headsup. Learn more about the campaign here. [image: Inline image 4] #county10 #buckrail #county17 #shortgo #oilcity #dally #reboot #springcity #news #headsup #fremontmotors #ipr #mvrh