Firefighters protect homes from being devoured by wind-fueled flames

Riverton Firefighters with significant help from County Battalions were able to keep a scary windblown fire from destroying any homes this afternoon in the Paintbrush Loop neighborhood north of Riverton. Fire Chief Scott Walters said a controlled burn pit on a property on the southern end of Paintbrush, up against Bryant, was taken by the wind and it quickly spread northwest toward a small subdivision of homes. Walters said the wind took embers from the pile and lit hundreds of old pallets and grew up into the trees. [image: IMG_1581.JPG] *The property where the fire began. The remains of the large shop that was destroyed can be seen on the far right.* [image: 14b83669-d830-4e00-9024-54d1bd019527.jpg] *The flames being whipped through the trees. Photo h/t Joey Waller* While his firefighters' first goal was to stop the spread of the flames, Fremont County Sheriff's deputies were evacuating the Paintbrush neighborhood and helping residents load up their livestock and get valuables out. Several outbuildings, including a large shop, were destroyed, but a home on that first property which was in grave danger, was saved. "They saved that double-wide house," Walters said of his crew. "I don't know they did it, but they did." [image: IMG_1587.JPG] *Deputies help load mules onto a trailer. The hay fire that started can be seen on the far right.* The swift moving wind took an ember from the main fire, carried it over a couple other properties and caught a hay pile. Arriving water and crew who were coming to help with the main fire had to be diverted to put it out. While Highway 789 was never closed, visibility was severely limited at times due to smoke. Walters spoke highly of the firefighters' hard work and was exceptionally grateful for all of the county units quick response to aid them. No one was injured. The scene has been released, most have returned home, but a couple people are still keeping an eye on a potential hot spots. [image: IMG_1588.JPG] *featured photo h/t Denise Batista* #county10 #news