New traffic pattern at 1st and Main Street in Lander

(Lander, Wyo.) - Have you noticed? You can no longer turn left from North and South 1st Street onto Main Street in Lander. Over the past few days news signs and pavement markings have been installed to indicate no left turn onto Main Street from 1st Street. Chief Cecrle tells County 10 the City of Lander and Lander Police Department has been studying this for over a year now. In that time frame they've received multiple crash reports at this particular intersection. [image: 0.jpeg] Cecrle notes 1st and Main Street is a very dangerous intersection as there is a high potential for broadside crashes. "A left turn at this intersection creates hazards and problems," he said. Another reason for the change is the fact that 1st and Main Street is a major route for trucks doing business at nearby lumber stores. There is also a weigh station behind the Lander Mill on South 1st Street. "Trucks attempting to make a right turn from Main Street onto North 1st Street need a wide turn lane. Oftentimes we see vehicles waiting for long periods of time trying to make a left turn onto Main Street which causes traffic to back up," Cecrele said. "Sometimes we've even see trucks waving the cars on so they can have access to a wide turn. It's simply not safe." The new traffic rule is in effect immediately and officers will be issuing citations for anyone disobeying the no left turn signs. [image: 0 (3).jpeg] Cecrle notes they'll be monitoring this intersection closely and also studying the 2nd and Main Street intersection to determine whether or not there is a traffic impact at that location. "We're encouraging drivers to slow down and go around the block," said Chief Cecrle. "We hope this will make a safer route for everyone involved." [image: 0 (1).jpeg] #county10 #news