UPDATE: Lava Mountain Fire now nearly 400 acres

(Dubois, Wyo.) - We received an update this evening regarding the Lava Mountain Fire burning about 20 miles northwest of Dubois. As of Monday evening around 9:00 p.m. the fire has grown to 378 acres in size and is currently 0% contained. Today fire activity was more active with an increase in spot fires and tree torching. Suppression efforts, however, were successful and kept fire growth to an estimated 100 acres. Tomorrow, crews will continue to hold a defensive position and use point protection tactics to protect the impacted structures and roads. Currently there is a total of 204 personnel working the fire including 5 crews, 3 dozers, 8 engines, 1 dozer, 2 excavators, 5 helicopters, 2 single engine air tankers. The Forest Service road 540 and Motorized Trail (MT) 10 is closed. Portions of the Continental Divide Trail will also be closed starting tomorrow. Detailed locations to follow. The Northern Rockies Incident Management Team warns residents, "Whether you are directly effected by this Incident or not, every resident in the surrounding area should have an evacuation plan in place. And, remember, if you feel concerned or threatened by fire activity, leave the area. Do not wait for someone to tell you; leave when you feel you need to." *Background on the Lava Mountain Fire: *The Lava Mountain Fire started on July 16, 2016 reportedly by a lightning strike . For the first few days, crews were unable to locate the fire due to its lack of size and smoke. On Saturday, however, the fire grew to around 250 acres due to increased temperatures and wind. Significant amounts of dead and down trees as well as steep terrain are hampering suppression efforts and creating safety concerns for firefighters on the ground. For these reasons, firefighter efforts are focused on protecting structures and other values at risk in the valley bottom. [image: 13775849_988185241294715_5496974399709073212_n.jpg] Lava Mountain Photo: h/t US Forest Service - Shoshone National Forest facebook page / Pitchengine Communities [image: 13735333_1251520668205932_1048421761_n.jpg] [image: 13714488_1251520701539262_2094826217_n.jpg] [image: 13734678_1251521541539178_1401654143_n.jpg] *Above photos & Feature photo: h/t Shane Mathill / Pitchengine Communities * #county10 #news