2 ranches evacuated due to Lava Mountain Fire

The Western Montana Type II Interagency Incident Management Team (IMT) reports that two ranches are being evacuated from the Lava Mountain Fire immediately. The Triangle C Ranch and Lava Creek Ranch are both currently in evacuation stage "GO". This means they are leaving immediately. All other residences West of the Shoshone Forest boundary should be in stage "SET". That is, you should have your emergency items packed. You should also stay informed of news and updates from the sheriff's department, local fire department, and public information. The incident command team reports, "Fire activity on the Lava Mountain Fire has increased this afternoon due to rising temperatures and stronger, gusty winds. As expected some of the immediately affected residents have temporarily left the area as a safety precaution. Embers, carried by the wind, have started multiple spot fires along the Pelham Lake Road. Aerial resources are dropping water where needed to dampen the fire's intensity and allow firefighters to attack the spot fires. The main body of the fire is gradually consuming the fuels within the perimeter causing occasional single or groups of trees to flare up. Highway 26 is still open. But, smoke along the highway has also increased throughout the afternoon so visibility is somewhat limited." We will update as soon as more information becomes available. *Feature photo: US Forest Service - Shoshone National Forest facebook page