6 local students complete Upward Bound summer program in Laramie

For the past 6 weeks five Fremont County students have been in Laramie attending the Upward Bound Math & Science Summer Program and they'll wrap up with their final presentations this Thursday, July 21st. Fremont County students include (pictured from left to right): 1. *Brianna Thompson of Shoshoni High School*; Natural Resource Management Mentorship; project “Wyoming Glaciers” 2. *Wolfstar Duran of Lander Valley High School*; Summer Research Apprentice Program; project "Prejudice and Well Being" 3. *Jenna Medicinehorse of Wyoming Indian High School*; Natural Resource Management Mentorship; project “The Effects We Have on Ecosystems and Habitats” 4. *Devin LaGois of Riverton High School*; Pre-Med Mentorship; project “Treatments and Pathophysiology of Generalized Anxiety Disorder” 5. *Allee Berg of Shoshoni High School*; Pre-Med Mentorship; project “Using Music to Enhance Learning” 6. *Edain Rogers of Lander Valley High School*; Astronomy Mentorship; project “Dark Energy and the Accelerated Expansion of the Universe” Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math and Science Programs are college preparatory programs funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Program services prepare students for successful entry into college and are provided at no cost to those who meet the eligibility requirements. Candice Hudson tells County 10, "The Summer Program is an incredible opportunity that gives high school students a hands-on introduction to college. This six-week academic and residential program offers incredible experiences and memories." Students were immersed in a mentorship of their choice, took associated classes, enrolled in classes outside their mentorship in Foreign Language and College Preparation, created a 6-week research project, and lived at the dorms living the college freshman life. Wolfstar Duran, a UB/UBMS Student at Lander Valley High School was selected for a similar program, Summer Research Apprentice Program (SRAP). She worked in the psychology department on her project. Her presentation will be on Friday July 22. For more information on Upward Bound/UB Math Science here in Fremont County, you can contact Candice Hudson at 307-760-2554 or #county10 #news