Cyclist rides through Wyoming on journey across America for autism

(Wyoming) - Bob Quick, a native of Roy, Utah, has advanced stages of coronary artery disease and in 2004 suffered a massive heart attack and officially "died" for about 3 1/2 minutes before paramedics resuscitated him. He'll tell you the names of every single doctor and paramedic that saved him that day. In fact, Troy Easton, a native of Casper, Wyoming was one of the first responders who helped save Bob that day. Bob and his son Conrad are bicycling across the country to raise money and awareness for Autism. We caught up with Bob at the Riverton Fire Hall to uncover six inspirational takeaways from an incredible man living every day like its his last. *"DRIVE THE BUS"* The instant you meet Bob you'll feel his passion, resilience and love for life and people. He'll greet you with a smile, a hug and immediately let you feel his pacemaker, one of the tools that helps him stay alive and tackle his second bicycle journey across the country for Autism. "You can either drive the bus, ride the bus, or get run over by the bus," his doctor told him after surviving his massive heart attack. "I was reluctant to get a Pace Maker put in, but I thought of my family and I decided I had to do it," Bob told County 10. "I'm definitely driving the bus through life now." Since suffering his massive heart attack Bob has made drastic lifestyle changes, had sixteen stents put in, and as of April of 2013 he has a Pace Maker Defibrillator. VIDEO *A JOURNEY FOR A CAUSE * In 2013 Bob and his son Conrad rode Coast to Coast from California to Florida. And they're doing it again this year, this time from Oregon to New York, in support of Autism. "My dad took care of me all his life; now it's my turn to ride with him, take care of him, and help him complete this journey," Conrad said. "It's so cool to have a dad like him." Their ride started June 6th on the coast of Oregon and will finish in New York sometime in early October. He's planning on being on Good Morning America, The Ellen Show, and Dr. Oz. This week they're riding through Wyoming and stopped in Riverton on Wednesday. Bob's 6-year-old grandson was recently diagnosed with autism and his family has noticed a lack of resources to aid in the education of kids with autism. The purpose of Bob's ride is to raise money to bring i-pads and the newest technologies to autistic children in classrooms across the country. [image: 20160713-200547_orig (1).jpg][image: 0-4.jpg] *Bob's 29-year-old son Conrad is cycling across the country with his dad for the second time.* *TRUE HEROES * Bob visits fire departments in each community he rides through. "I believe these are our communities' truest heroes," he said. Bob visited the Riverton Fire Department and says this is the largest and friendliest volunteer fire department he's ever experienced. He compared the facility to the fire department in Chattanooga, Tennessee which operates as a paid fire department. "The community of Riverton is blessed to have such a talented group of volunteers. I urge everyone to thank your local firefighters, police officers, sheriff's officers, and veterans." Bob's bike is covered with signatures from firefighters and police officers from around the country. Riverton Police Department Captain Todd Byerly and Riverton Fire Chief Scott Walters both signed Bob's bike this week. [image: 0 (19).jpg] *HEART BUDDIES* Jacob Horton, a 9-year-old from Riverton, had the special honor of signing Bob's bike on Tuesday night. Jacob has Autism, and like Bob, has a pacemaker. Jacob also carries an oxygen pack with him at all times. "He's the true hero," Bob said of Jacob. "He's 9-years-old and never complains." After Jacob signed Bob's bike, Bob had the honor of signing Jacob's bike. "We're heart buddies now," Bob said. [image: 0 (3).jpeg] *[image: Untitled design.png]* *IT TAKES A VILLAGE * Bob and his son Conrad are each other's biggest supporters through the nearly 4,000 mile journey across the country. But they couldn't do it without their volunteer-based behind-the-scenes team. "From my doctors, and trainers to my sponsors and family ... I couldn't do this without their support." Bob and Conrad ride with all of their eqipment including food, clothing, tents, sleeping bags, water, Bob's medications, and everything else a person needs to live on a bicycle for five months. Bob's bike "Bertha," which is completely customized by Framed Bikes, weighs 200 pounds fully loaded. Bob's journey is completely paid for by sponsors which are displayed across their jerseys. St. Jude's is one of the top sponsors. Bob tells County 10 his team has talked with Steve Jobs' widow and she has verbally agreed to match any funds raised. [image: IMG_20160720_180737.jpg][image: 0 (7).jpeg] *GIVE BACK* Bob's journey continues this week through Shoshoni and then into Casper on Saturday where he'll be greeted by Troy Easton, the first responder who helped save Bob back in 2004. He'll then pedal towards St. Paul, Minnesota where he'll meet the staff and patients of one of his largest sponsors, St. Jude's. Bob's goal is to be in New York during the first or second week of October. After his journey is complete he'll tour his bike across the country visiting fire halls and hospitals to continue inspiring people. Click here to follow Bob's journey on facebook or through his website and blog . Click here to learn more about how you can give to his journey for Autism. Bob says 100% of the money raised will go towards bringing the newest technologies to kids with autism. [image: IMG_20160720_190908.jpg] #county10 #news #buckrail #oilcity #reboot #county17 #dally #shortgo #springcity