#headsup: 4 tips to protect yourself from fire smoke

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - According to the Shoshone National Forest, the firefighters who are battling the Lava Mountain Fire are exposed to large amounts of smoke. Additionally, residents in Dubois and other parts of Fremont County may be uncomfortable with stinging eyes and coughing as a result of the wildfire smoke. While the firefighters can't escape the smoke, there are a few things residents can try to help ease their personal discomfort. Here are a few tips from the Shoshone National Forest for those who are suffering from smoke allergies: 1. *Stay Indoors:* Try to stay indoors and keep your indoor air as clean as possible. That means keeping your doors and windows shut. 2. *Keep the fresh:* Keep your house closed and if you have air conditioning, make sure the filter is clean. 3. *Don't add any more smoke to the environment:* Outdoors, avoid campfires or burn piles. Indoors, avoid burning candles, fireplaces or even gas stoves. 4. *Do not vacuum:* Vacuuming stirs up particles and can agitate anyone with allergies to smoke, especially when the particulates in the air are so concentrated Here's the latest on the Lava Mountain Fire. With the help of Fremont Motor Company, Injury Prevention Resources, and Mountain View Regional Hospital & Clinic, Pitchengine Communities has launched a #headsup campaign across the state of Wyoming with the goal of getting people to think about their communities first. In addition to slowing down this campaign is about thinking about your community — the place you choose to live — and ensuring we all play a role in watching it grow. There are so many ways you can contribute — whether it’s handing over the keys to a sober driver after a summer barbecue or putting the phone down until you arrive at your next destination. It’s really up to you to be #headsup. Learn more about the campaign here. [image: 87943c7c-5feb-4e81-b1e7-d35b8cb25433.jpg] #county10 #headsup #news