On the evacuation line? Remember the 6 "P's"

(Dubois, Wyo.) - With the Lava Mountain Fire burning northwest of Dubois, some people have been evacuated from their homes and several residences west of Big Diamond Ranch to Falls Creek campground are in stage "SET". That is, you should have your emergency items packed. The U.S. Forest Service would like to remind people of the six "P's" in case immediate evacuation is required: - People and Pets - Papers, phone numbers and important documents - Prescriptions, vitamins and eyeglasses - Pictures and irreplaceable memorabilia - Personal computer hard drive and disks - "Plastic" (credit cards, ATM cards and cash) Yesterday three ranches were successfully evacuated from the Lava Mountain Fire including The MacKenzie Highland Ranch, The Triangle C Ranch and Lava Creek Ranch. *Feature Photo: Evacuating the Triangle C Ranch from the Lava Mountain Fire. h/t Josephine Gwilliam / Pitchengine Communities* *#county10 #news*