Aspen Psychological Services recognizes their Mental Health and Addictions Therapist, Sue Johnson

Aspen Psychological Services recognizes their Mental Health and Addictions Therapist, Sue Johnson, for her hard work and her commitment to her patients. Sue is a long time Fremont County resident who has over 20 years experience providing human services to our community. She also has a background in law enforcement. Her years working in the community mental health field and as a mental health therapist at the minimum security prison (Honor Farm) in Riverton has given her the expertise needed to help her patients suffering from mental health disorders and addictions. When asked what the most rewarding aspect about her job was she said, "I get to help people who are struggling with mental health issues, substance abuse and trauma histories to feel empowered and in control of their lives again." "We are so grateful to have Sue on our team and I would like to thank her for the important work she does everyday," said Mary Jo Jeffres, MD and owner of Aspen Psychological Services. Over the last year, Sue and her team at Aspen Psych began to see a growing need to provide substance abuse evaluations and to assist individuals with gambling addictions. Sue Johnson decided to become certified to perform Substance Abuse Evaluations and to provide DWUI groups mental health counseling and gambling addictions. These services are available at Aspen Psychological Services : - Substance Abuse Evaluations - Mental health counseling for DWUI groups and those with gambling addictions - Psychotherapy and Counseling services; specializing in Trauma, Addictions, Anger Management, Couples, Children and Family, Gambling Addictions and Mental Health - Forensic Services Click here to learn more about Aspen Psychological Services. To set up an appointment, call 307-463-0890 or send them a message ! #sponsored #county10 #news #aspenpsych