Cancer benefit raised $6,450 at Tuesday Night’s PRCA Wind River Rodeo Roundup

The 2016 Fremont County Fair on County 10 is brought to you by Stotz Equipment in Riverton. (Riverton, Wyo.) - The accounting is in and the Tough Enough To Wear Pink Cancer benefit at Tuesday night’s rodeo brought in $6,200. The chaps were sold to The Barton Brothers for $3,200. The Chinks were sold to Sundowner Station for $3,000 and they were donated to Shawn Morrison, a Riverton High School graduate and cancer survivor. [image: 13934645_1331868623497958_6953706686223449357_n.jpg] [image: 13903412_1331868666831287_2289499997243791195_n.jpg] Attendance at Tuesday night’s rodeo was excellent and, in the words of the Tough Enough Cancer Fund of Fremont County organization, "It was a fabulous night for our community and cancer patients...and that will continue to be our mission. Helping one cancer patient at a time." [image: 13898247_1421146917911976_1277745980_o.jpg] Check out a few more photos from last night's PRCA Wind River Rodeo Roundup: [image: DSCF8937.jpg][image: 13901639_1060959120618490_1342146397_o.jpg] [image: DSCF8882.jpg] [image: DSCF8923.jpg] [image: 13918894_1060959063951829_1567228792_o.jpg] [image: 13898513_1060958940618508_1641719338_o.jpg] [image: DSCF8955.jpg][image: 0-1.jpg] [image: 99dc67b2-0dbe-4487-b57e-cad0a70ea93f.jpg] *Feature photo: h/t Tough Enough Cancer Fund of Fremont County facebook