9 animals you might meet at the Fremont County Fair

*The 2016 Fremont County Fair on County 10 is brought to you by Stotz Equipment in Riverton. * The Fremont County Fair is an ag and animal lover's heaven. The best of the county's livestock is on display. Some are your more traditional livestock like swine, cattle, and poultry. But there are some surprises to found, too. Here are some of the characters we've met at the fair this year. 1. Spooning swine! [image: IMG_1694.JPG] 2. A soul-searching, red-eyed rabbit [image: IMG_1688.JPG] 3. This guy who stands in his trough just so you won't forget to feed him.[image: IMG_1691.JPG] 4. "Don't you even dare ask me why I crossed the road." [image: IMG_1682.JPG] 5. This little gal named Baby [image: IMG_1695.JPG] 6. This diva who was too pretty give the camera any attention. [image: IMG_1693.JPG] 7. "Hellooooooooo?"[image: IMG_1711.JPG] 8. Dude [image: IMG_1690.JPG] 9. And these two redheads, Becca and Bubba. [image: RedHeadsBeccaAndBubbaAtFremontCountyFair4Aug2016Brauneis.JPG]