Gillette Mayor denies calls for discrimination against Muslims

In a public statement this morning, Gillette Mayor Louise Carter-King called for the community to welcoming to all newcomers who "move to our community through legal and appropriate means." However, she called for an end to threats and hate speech. "I have taken a number of questions and been privy to coments recently that would indicate that somehow the city should reject certain systems of belief as well as finding a way to not allow certain people to move into our community or operate legitimate business practices in Gillette," Carter-King said. "Our values as a community reject these notions. To be very clear, the City of Gillette does not support statements and actions of hate. Threatening people and families is not tolerated in this community. My vision as the Mayor of Gillette is to promote a community environment where families feel safe and free from intimidation. I cannot support acting like terrorists ourselves to face the evils of terrorism." She went on to say that she supports Gov. Matt Mead's call for the federal government to halt the refugee program until "a safe and reliable vetting process can be implemented to ensure the safety of the citizens of the United States." "As Mayor, I have engaged our Police Department to respond to any concerns of a terroristic nature posed by any segment of our population," she continued. "I am committed to engaging additional enforcement resources as those resources are needed. As an example, we have recently involved the Department of Justice to access resources that they have at their disposal if they may ever be needed. We will protect our community. Conversely, the City of Gillette will not use its resources or other means to deprive anyone of their rights as U.S. citizens and citizens of our great community (except when appropriately and lawfully exercising arrest powers in the course of protecting our citizens)." In conclusion, she said the following: "I do not accept that careless comments and reckless ideas made by a few are reflective of the type of people we are and the values we espouse. As the Mayor of the City of Gillette, I ask you to uphold our values and continue watching out for each other. " #county17 #news