Dispatch: DUIs; Burglaries; Bar fights

Here's what happened around Gillette on Friday and early Saturday, January 29th and 30th. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Gillette Police Department* *Mario Barrera, 25, Gillette, Fernando Boyola, 22, Gillette, *and* Falen Van Pelt, 19, Gillette*, were arrested on several drug charges. Story here . *Jason Senn, 26, Gillette*, was driving his 2013 Toyota Tundra through the neighborhood around Westover Hills Park at 1 am Saturday morning. He hit a landscaping rock going around 40-50 miles per hour, moving the rock about 20 yards. The front end of his truck was destroyed, both airbags were deployed, but he kept driving. He was arrested for driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident, and not having proper insurance. Police responded to the report of a burglary at the Warlow Drive Apartments at 10:30 am on Friday morning. The manager says a locked storage shed was broken in to, but it's unknown at this time what exactly was taken. Around noon on Friday, The school district transportation department reported two girls fighting on the bust at Twin Spruce Junior High. A 13 year old started a fight with a 12 year old, which the 12 year old apparently finished. Both were cited for assault. Around 2pm on Friday, a 16 year old boy was caught smoking in the second floor boy's room at South Campus High School, and was cited for minor in possession of tobacco. Later Friday afternoon a 17 year old reported his Galaxy S6 was stolen from the boy's locker room at North Campus. Friday afternoon the manager of Maurice's called police to report a 31 year old woman had been harassing one of his employees. She had been yelling at employees and was expelled from the store. Friday night at Camel Lanes, police were responding to a fight when they found a 30 year old woman and 32 year old man who were both on probation with alcohol restrictions, drinking at the bar. Both were cited for probation violations. A 38 year old man was also ejected from Camel Lanes for trying to start fights with other patrons. Hit and run at Jake's Tavern: A woman says she witnessed a gold Dodge truck back in to a Ford F-350 truck three times. The Dodge was located but police are still searching for the driver. This happened 9 pm Friday night. 10pm on Friday night, a man tried shoplifting $50 in speakers from Wal-Mart. He had the merchandise hidden in his pants. 11:45 pm Friday, police found two men fighting in the parking lot of Creative Beverages. A 49 year old and a 36 year old had been ejected from the bar for fighting. The older man had punched the younger man, and then been thrown to the ground. Since the older man was still screaming obscenities at police, both men were cited for breach of peace. The 36 year old was on federal probation prohibiting drinking, and so his violation was also cited. At 1 am on Saturday, police responded to reports of two drunk men in the parking lot of Valley View apartments. A 24 year old and a 40 year old were both drinking in violation of their probation. A 16 year old was with them, also drinking, and since his parents could not be reached, he was taken in to protective custody. *Campbell County Sheriff's Office* *Kenneth Brannen, 18, Wright, Jesse Osborne, 18, Wright*, arrested for burglary at the Safety Storage Units in Wright. Still under investigation. *Berry Gibson, 33, Gillette*, arrested 1/29, charges unknown. *Cody Grombridge, 38, Gillette*, sentenced prisoner. *Thomas Juopperi, 33, Colorado*, sentenced prisoner. *Joshua Nethery, 30, Gillette*, arrested 1/29, charges unknown. *David Oster, 32, Gillette*, arrested for bond revocation. *Steven Riley, 19, Wright*, arrested for a bench warrant. *Salvador Salas, 25, Gillette*, arrested 1/29, charges unknown. *Michael Sedgwick, 47, Gillette*, arrested for driving while under the influence. Officers observed Sedgwick not being able to maintain his lane when he was pulled over. *Daniel Slattery, 58, Gillette*. Arrested with evidence surrounding a family fight that had occurred the day before. Charged with domestic battery. *Charity Stewart, 38, Gillette*, sentenced prisoner. *Information provided by GPD Corporal Dan Stroup and CCSO Sgt. Tony Seeman.* #county17 #news -- *Brenda Kirk* Community Maven for | 614.940.7121 Twitter | Instagram | Facebook PitchEngine™ | *Connecting Communities* | Twitter | Facebook