Who Wears the Boots? Two Honored at 2016 Pitchengine Summit in Jackson

Getting out of our communities to meet for an entire week isn't easy, especially since you have come to expect our up-to-the-minute news on-demand whenever you want it. But, Pitchengine made it happen last week in Jackson where they company hosted their 2017 Summit — four days worth of training, debating and team building focused squarely on Pitchengine Communities. Pitchengine isn't just a global marketing technology company, it's also Wyoming born and raised. So, when we wanted to honor our extraordinary employees we devised an award that exemplified our cowboy roots and our unique culture as a company. This year, two members of the Pitchengine team were awarded the, "Ride for the Brand" cowboy boots. [image: jill.png] Jill Thompson is the Community Maven for Buckrail in Jackson Hole. What's a Community Maven ? It's our embedded, full time reporter who lives, eats and breathes your community. But, a Maven is much more than your typical local journalist. These highly engaged Wyomingites are connectors tasked with empowering the influencers in your community. They're responsible for making sure their news stream is on brand and the go-to destination for their friends and neighbors. This year, Jill set the bar for her efforts in Jackson, where Buckrail has made a huge splash garnering more engagement and pageviews than the established news newspaper, the News & Guide in just about nine months. Congratulations, Jill! [image: DSC0109.jpg] Riverton's Amanda Gaudern became an integral part of Pitchengine from a corporate perspective in 2016. Amanda touches almost every facet of Pitchengine's daily operations from reporting and data analysis to employee on-boarding and company culture. She takes personal pride in spreading the company culture company-wide and outside of the walls of our Lander offices. Congratulations Amanda and thanks for all you do to make Pitchengine great! It's not easy blazing new trails. Our employees know this firsthand. We take shots from all sides whether we're out in the field reporting or responding on social media. However, we're passionate about changing the game for the better and no one works harder than we do. That's what riding for the brand is all about. You're either with us, or your not. Either way, we're motivated by you all. So thank you! Jason Kintzler Founder/CEO at Pitchengine [image: summit.png] [image: boots.png] #news #county17 #shortgo #dally #reboot #county10 #oilcity #buckrail #springcity #bootstrapped