UPDATE: Strangulation Case Includes Child Endangerment Charges

(Gillette, Wyo.) On January 22nd, Curtis Drakeford was arrested at the Howard Johnson's for attempting to strangle 29 year old Jennifer Martin. Drakeford tested positive for methamphetamines in the county detention center, Martin also tested positive when a test was conducted by the Department of Family Services. During the incident, three children, ages 2 through 6, were also present in the hotel room. According to statements from Drakeford at the time of his arrest, it was not him who had beaten Martin until she was bloody, it was from another man whom he believed to be sleeping with her. The family was on their way to South Carolina when the altercation happened. Martin claims Drakeford was the one who purchased and used the meth and began hitting her when she refused to use it. She alleges Drakeford both tried to strangle her, and hit her with a beer bottle. Swelling on her face, and finger marks around her neck supported this. The couple's 6 year old son also said that Drakeford had been hitting Martin. Two of these children are confirmed as Drakeford's. Due to his being in possession of meth and testing positive for using meth, three counts of reckless endangerment were added to his charges. The children are still in DFS custody. Both Drakeford and Martin claim they don't use meth. Each supposes the other must have "put something in their drink" to result in a positive drug test. Allowing a child to remain in a room or vehicle where you know there is meth present, or is being ingested, is a felony in the state of Wyoming. Each charge could be a 5 year sentence and/or a $5000 fine. #county17 #news -- *Brenda Kirk* Community Maven for | 614.940.7121 Twitter | Instagram | Facebook PitchEngine™ | *Connecting Communities* | Twitter | Facebook