Dispatch: Phone scam; Hit and run; Drugs at Twin Spruce

Here is the latest from law enforcement around the county today. All calls took place Tuesday, February 2nd, through early morning February 3rd. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Gillette Police Department* *Leonard Bollig, 45, Gillette* was at police headquarters Tuesday afternoon when officers discovered he had a warrant out of Sheridan County for a DUI. He had also been driving on a suspended license with no insurance. His bond is set at $1370. *Andrew Brown, 30, of Rozet*, was arrested at Center Bar for public intoxication. *Samantha Schultz, 27, Gillette*, was arrested at 1:45 in the morning on Wednesday at Fireside Bar. An employee says she threw a beer bottle at the wall behind the bar, shattering six other bottles of liquor. When questioned by police, Schultz said she couldn't remember what happened. Her blood alcohol level at the detention center was .253. She was charged with public intoxication and destruction of property. (The liquor ruined was estimated to be worth about $110.) *Skyler Skaggs, 19, Gillette*, was arrested Tuesday morning for driving while intoxicated. A construction worker at the Gurley Ave Kwik Shop noticed his work trailer, which had been locked, was broken in to. Over $1000 worth of cordless power tools had been stolen. At 11am Tuesday, a 12 year old student at Twin Spruce Junior High was found carrying marijuana. He claims he got it from another student, a claim which that student denied. The 12 year old was cited for possession. Also at Twin Spruce on Tuesday afternoon, a 13 year old girl hit a 14 year old boy in the face after he continually called her names and picked on her. Their parents were notified and an investigation is ongoing. An 18 year old leaving the Rec Center on Tuesday night found a note on his Ford F-150. A witness said she saw a Chevy truck back up and hit his truck, and then drive away. She took a picture of the truck and wrote down the plate number. Police are still searching for the driver of the Chevy. Employees at the Kum & Go near Foothills Blvd. noticed a man with a shovel wandering around. He was thought to be high, as he was trying to talk to an ashtray. He fled the area before police arrived, but a K9 unit tracked him to the neighborhood around 4th and Elm. Neighbors said they saw the man, this time with a shovel and a pipe, walking through yards. K9 officers followed his footprints to a home on Elm but no one answered the door. *Campbell County Sheriff's Office* *Emmalee Baldwin, 30, Gillette*, arrested for contempt of court. *Braiden Bergeman, 18, Gillette*, arrested for being under the influence of drugs. *Tyler Clover, 22*, arrested for a warrant. *Kylee Collins, 22, Gillette*, arrested for probation violation. *Steven Roubideaux, 36, Gilette*, arrested for a warrant. *Maxwell Smith, 22, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant. *David Washakie, 35, Gillette*, arrested for a warrant. *Joshua Wenger, 34, Gillette*, sentenced prisoner. Tuesday afternoon a 59 year old man told police someone from Microsoft Tech Support had called him, asking questions. As the man hasn't used a computer in four years, he questioned the caller's legitimacy before they hung up. Tuesday night on Bishop road, four miles east of the mines, a 45 year old man struck a cow with his Ford F-250. It did $1000 damage. *Information provided by GPD Lieutenant Chuck Deaton, and Campbell County Sergeant Gary Sams.* #county17 #news -- *Brenda Kirk* Community Maven for | 614.940.7121 Twitter | Instagram | Facebook PitchEngine™ | *Connecting Communities* | Twitter | Facebook