Dispatch: A drunk man is pepper sprayed by neighbors; Salon workers hear noises in the ceiling

Here is the latest from law enforcement around the county today. All calls took place Thursday, February 4th, through early morning February 5th. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Gillette Police Department* *Levi Camacho, 29, Gillette* was arrested 5am Friday morning for public intoxication. He had been out drinking with his 28 year old female neighbor and her 26 year old male friend. While drinking together he allegedly became out of control and refused to leave. His friends kicked him out of the house and he became irate, and attempted to break the door down after they shut him outside. The woman opened the door and sprayed him in the face with pepper spray. Officers arrived and located the man pounding on the door while he was covered in pepper spray. *Rance Diede, 29, Gillette* was arrested on a failure to pay warrant out of Crook County for driving under a suspended license and driving under the influence. He was stopped due to multiple infractions. No bond. *David Leslie, 58, Gillette* was arrested for driving under the influence. He had been stopped for not having headlights. He had red glassy bloodshot eyes and officers could allegedly smell alcohol on his breath. He registered a .13 blood alcohol level at the detention center. *Eliomar Salais, 36, Gillette*, was arrested for contempt of court. *Hit and runs:* A 37 year old female reported her car was struck by another while she was parked in front of Valley View apartment. There were dark colored paint streaks on the victim's vehicle as well as a cracked rear driver's side bumper and taillight. It's estimated there is $1500 damage. Police are investigating. A 29 year old male reported his Ford F-150 work truck had been damaged some time the previous evening while his truck was parked on the street outside his Echeda Road home. He noticed Thursday morning there was damage to the driver's side, a large dent and scratches in the paint. Over $1000 in damage was done. *Thefts:* Thursday afternoon at Club Energize, a 36 year old woman reported a gold card-sized wallet was stolen from her purse. Her purse had been sitting in the seat of her unlocked car. The wallet contained her ID and her credit cards. A 22 year old man was cited for shoplifting at Wal-Mart after he concealed four movies in his pants without paying for them. He was stopped before he left the store. Officers responded to a home on Monte Vista Lane Thursday afternoon and spoke with a 25 year old female who reported that a $100 and a $150 gift card were allegedly taken from her home during a baby shower on the 31st of January. She suspects another 31 year old female. Thursday night, a 48 year old found her Pakaway Storage unit had been burglarized some time between January 8th and February 4th. Suspects cut the padlock from her storage unit and took $5000 in items. They then placed a Brinks padlock back on the unit. Two shotgun shells were found outside the unit that the victim stated didn't belong to her. 5 am Friday morning, a 42 year old male reported his 2005 Honda Civic had been taken from in front of his apartment. He last saw it Thursday night. Inside the car was a set of Ping golf clubs valued at $1000, his lunch box and work clothes that amounted to $1500 in property. The vehicle was entered in to NCIC as stolen and surrounding agencies have been notified. *Aggravated Assault:* At around 2pm on Thursday, a 22 year old male reported to police that a 24 year male had threatened to shoot him the night before. He had been approached in the parking lot outside of his residence and the suspect stuck a pistol into the victim's side. The man demanded a number of movies that the victim had allegedly borrowed previously. The 24 year old appeared to be under the influence of meth. He has yet to be located for questioning. *North Campus: *3pm on Thursday, a 17 year old male threatened another 17 year old male with a pipe. No injuries were reported and the investigation continues. Officers were called to Desert Run apartments Thursday night after someone complained about the smell of marijuana. A K9 unit checked exterior doors and was unable to locate the scent. Officers contacted a 46 year old male at one of the apartments were the complaint had originated, and gained consent to search the residence. They found 1 gram of marijuana and multiple pot pipes. He was issued a citation for possession. *Campbell County Sheriff's Office* *Christopher Good, 33, Gillette* did not stop with deputies tried to pull him over. Instead he sped off to his home, where he parked in the driveway and ran around to the back of the house. Officers heard him enter the home and called for a search warrant. He was arrested for driving under the influence -- his blood alcohol level was .19 -- and also for eluding an officer and interfering with an officer. *Shawn Lewis, 36, Gillette*, was arrested for a bond revocation. *Maverick Stanton, 37. Gillette*, arrested for bond revocation. *Nathaniel Varos, 30, Cheyenne*, was arrested on a warrant out of Converse County for driving under a suspended license. He had been stopped by Sheriff's deputies for driving 64 in a 45 mph speed zone. *Stephanie Wright, 23, Gillette*, was arrested in Buffalo for unknown reasons. *Suspicious Activity:* Thursday morning a woman called the Sheriff's Office to report four men driving around Hall Road in a dark blue Dodge pickup truck acting like they were "up to something." She said they had claimed to be "on their way to a rig" and were "searching for someone stuck in the snow." Since it hasn't snowed in a while and there was no rig immediately near her, she called law enforcement to check it out. They couldn't find the truck. *Scam alert:* Thursday afternoon a man reported that he had been trying to sell a propane tank on Craigslist for $450, when he received a $1750 check from a "shipper in Texas." Via email he was told to deposit the check and send the balance. He noticed the check had been postmarked Franklin Park, IL, but the return envelope was for a Mills Insurance Service in Palm Desert, California. He did not deposit the check and instead reported it to law enforcement. No money was lost. A woman reported $209 worth of unauthorized charges on her credit card. Someone had been downloading movies with her account from the Microsoft store. Deputies are investigating. *Other calls:* Thursday night a 25 year old man hit a cow with his truck. There was extensive damage to the vehicle and the cow's back was broken, and had to be put down. Around 11:45 Thursday night, deputies stopped a 32 year old man for having tinted windows. A small amount of loose marijuana was found in his pickup truck. He was given a written warning for the tinted windows. Police, Fire, and Sheriff's deputies participated in a search at the Powder Basin Shopping center Thursday night. Employees at Mirror Image salon believed they heard people in the ceiling and called Gillette Police. There was no signs of forced entry and no one was found in the ceiling. The Fire Department assisted because the police department did not have ladders tall enough to reach the roof. *Information provided by GPD Sergeant Jason Marcus, and Campbell County Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds.* #county17 #news -- *Brenda Kirk* Community Maven for | 614.940.7121 Twitter | Instagram | Facebook PitchEngine™ | *Connecting Communities* | Twitter | Facebook