Dispatch: DUIs; Cash Machine burglarized; Reported child abuse

Here's what happened around Campbell County on Monday. All calls took place February 8th, through early morning February 9th. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Gillette Police Department* *Michele Brown, 33, Gillette*, arrested Monday morning for two contempt of court warrants. *Samuel Cluff, 23, Sundance*, was the passenger in a car stopped for a possible DUI. He was arrested by GPD for a municipal warrant for failure to appear on a charge of not wearing a seat belt. *Lyra Rinkenberger, 25, Gillette*, the driver, was arrested by Campbell County Sheriff for the DUI and also for driving under suspension. *Brandy Dearing, 39, Gillette*, was stopped Tuesday morning for a possible broken tail light. She told officers she hadn't been drinking and agreed to a field sobriety test, which she failed. While officers were parking her car, they found an open container of beer and drug paraphernalia inside. She was cited for the open container, DUI, and having an expired driver's license. *Matthew Hammond, 25, Gillette*, was the passenger in a car stopped for not having headlights on. The 25 year old driver had a warrant for failure to pay on a DUI. While the driver was being arrested, drugs and drug paraphernalia were allegedly found on his person, and when searching the car more drugs were found. Hammond denied involvement with the drugs, but had a municipal warrant for failure to pay fines, a bond of $1570, and was arrested. The driver refused to speak to police. He was charged with driving under suspension, two counts of possession of a controlled substance in pill form, and two counts of possession of marijuana. His name is being withheld pending an investigation. *Fraud* Monday morning a 64 year old man reported that his First National Bank debit card had been used numerous times without his permission. $286 was charged from various stores. Police are investigating. A 32 year old man reported that members of his family were contacted by an out of state attorney, threatening legal issues for not showing up for court on a debt collection issue. He was then contacted by a debt collection agency about a debt from 10 years ago in California. The man said he had no knowledge of that debt, but he did give the callers his credit card information. He contacted his bank immediately after, and they cancelled his card before any charges could be applied. Monday afternoon a Papa John's manager reported she received two checks for Non-Sufficient Funds from a 39 year old woman on February 1st. The checks were for $48.26 and $28.34. At the time of the call they had just received another check from the woman. Her 23 year old son was met by police at the apartment where the pizza was being delivered. He claimed his mother was out of town and he had no knowledge of any fraudulent checks being passed. *Theft *Monday morning at the Cam-Plex, a 32 year old woman reported her son either lost his phone or it was stolen. Its value is estimated at $30. Officers called the phone, and a 37 year old man answered it and agreed to bring it to GPD. Staff at Warlow Drive Apartments said someone broke in to the card re-charge machine in the laundromat area. The machine, which changes cash in to credit on cards used with the washer and dryers, had $75 in damage done to it. They don't yet know how much money was taken out of the machine; the business that owns the machines will also be investigating. Monday afternoon, two 32 year old men reported that someone took items from a garage on Sequoia Drive. A hockey bag with gear and several hockey sticks are missing. Estimated value $4000. *Hit and Run* A 24 year old woman parked her Dodge Dart at Eagle's Lodge on Sunday afternoon. When she got out of work at midnight, she noticed her left tail light had been shattered, and there were scuff marks on the left rear bumper. *Child Abuse* A doctor at Campbell County Hospital reported to the Department of Family Services that a one year old child had a large bruise on her back, as well as red marks around her eyes. The child's 23 year old mother claims the girl fell on her back and rolled off a bed. An investigation is underway by both the police department and DFS. *Other Calls* On Monday afternoon at North Campus, in the sophomore parking lot, a 16 year old and 17 year old allegedly witnessed a man in his 30s get in to a gray Jeep that belonged to the 16 year old. When confronted, the man fled the area in a red KIA. Police are still searching for the suspect. At around 6 pm on Republic Lane, a 38 year old woman was backing her Chevy Cruz out of the driveway using her rearview assist camera, and didn't see a 12 year old girl near the rear passenger side of the car. The girl didn't see the car backing out, and the woman ran over the 12 year old's foot. Her ankle was bruised and she said she was in a lot of pain. She received treatment at the ER. No citations were issued. 6:45 pm on East Lincoln Street, a 16 year old girl was fighting with her 18 year old boyfriend. The 16 year old's mother was contacted, and the girl was issued a citation for breach of peace. At 8 pm on Monday night, a 16 year old female runaway was allegedly smoking cigarettes when she was found by officers. She was taken to her grandmother's home and cited with a tobacco violation. *Campbell County Sheriff's Office* *Cassie Miller, 36, Gillette*, arrested on a bond violation. *David Miller, 63, Gillette*, was stopped for going 55 in a 40 mph zone. He failed his field sobriety test, and was arrested for DUI. He had a .155 blood alcohol level when tested at the detention center. He was also cited for speeding. *Lucas Sather, 19, Gillette*, was stopped allegedly for failing to maintain his lane. He failed his field sobriety test. His passenger was cited for having pills in the car without a prescription, and also for letting a juvenile drive with no license. Sather was charged with DUI and minor in possession of alcohol. His blood alcohol level was .21. *Tanya Williams, 44, Gillette*, was arrested by Wyoming Highway Patrol for a DUI. *Brian Wintermute, 40, Gillette*, was arrested and is being held for another law enforcement agency by the Campbell County Sheriff. *Destruction of Property* Early Monday morning, the owners of a Dodge Ram that was parked on the corner of Highway 14/16 and Hays Blvd. reported that the passenger window and mirror of their truck had been smashed some time over the weekend. The truck was for sale by the owners. The damage is estimated at $2138. *Fraud *A 49 year old man reported that his 75 year old mother had received texts and Facebook messages from someone she thought was a friend, telling her she could win a cash prize if she sent $1500 to redeem it.