Dispatch: Suspicious Activity at Super 8; Drugs found near college campus

Here's what happened around Campbell County on Tuesday. All calls took place February 9th, through early morning February 10th. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Gillette Police Department* *Terry Baumberger, 49, Gillette*, arrested Tuesday afternoon for DUI, driving with an open container, not having a valid driver's license, and not having sufficient car insurance. *Alonzo Chavez, 22, Gillette*, arrested for a city warrant. Police responded to a report of suspicious activity on Westover Road. People were believed to be inside a pickup truck lighting a pipe. Officers contacted the people in the truck, including Chavez, and determined they were not engaged in narcotics. Chavez's outstanding warrant was for failure to pay a no seat belt citation, a speeding citation, and a citation for not having insurance. *Cory Gomes, 40, Gillette*, arrested for a contempt of court warrant. *William Lara, 39*, arrested on two warrants and cited for interfering with an officer. *Jason Peterson, 44, Gillette*, was arrested for a warrant. *Adam Schenach, 23, Gillette*, was stopped for not having any tail lights. It was found he had an outstanding warrant with no bond for maliciously starting a fire. He was arrested. *Samantha Taylor, 19, Gillette*, was stopped near 4th and Beech around 2 am for not having proper registration. She appeared nervous and officers could smell marijuana from inside her car. During a search of the car, officers located a bag they suspected contained meth and she was arrested. Prior to arriving to detention, they warned her about bringing drugs in to jail, which is when she told them she had cocaine stashed in her bra. All together she allegedly had .25 grams meth and coke with her. Both misdemeanor amounts. Police allegedly also found a bong in the car. *Theft* A 28 year old man reported that he lost his cell phone inside the Maverick on Douglas Highway some time on February 6th. He attempted to call the phone several times without success. He figured it fell out of his pocket. $250 loss. *Hit and Run* A Pontiac parked in the city parking lot for about a half hour Tuesday morning was struck by an unknown vehicle. The rear tail light had been cracked. The car belonged to a 17 year old male. Damage is less than $1000. *Gillette College* Campus Police requested assistance Tuesday afternoon in attempting to locate a stolen cell phone. While searching, officers detected the odor of marijuana behind the Dominos on Lakeway Road and used a K9 to search the parking lot. A 2003 Subaru was picked out by the dog as positive for the presence of drugs. A 20 year old female employee of Dominos owned the car and consented to a search, which allegedly turned up 2 grams of marijuana, which was seized. *Hotel Drugs* Tuesday afternoon, staff at the Super 8 motel requested a K9 unit investigate the second floor due to employees smelling marijuana. The dog did not indicate the presence of drugs, and the room they suspected was unoccupied. Officers returned to the Super 8 motel Tuesday night, as staff wanted police to stand by while they evicted a 52 year old male. When he answered the door, officers could smell marijuana, and he consented to a search of the room. Law enforcement allegedly seized 2 grams of marijuana and a pipe. The man was cited for possession. *Campbell County Sheriff's Office* *Nicole Benson, 34, Gillette*, arrested for a bench warrant. *Jonathan Brennan, 41, Pine Haven*, arrested in Crook County for a bench warrant. *Heather DeBerg, 40, GIllette*, arrested for forgery. *Jessica Dunn, 26, Gillette*, arrested for misdemeanor child endangerment and DUI. *Stephanie Flores-Peña, 32, Gillette*, arrested for a bond violation. *Anissa Pierce, 22, Gillette*, stopped for not having proper registration. Arrested for DUI. 2 a.m. Wednesday morning, police found a 17 year old girl sleeping in the driver seat of her car. She was allegedly intoxicated, and was cited with the juvenile version of a DUI and possession of tobacco. She was released to her parents. An employee of Cottonwood Elementary in Wright filed a complaint against a 15 year old who had been harassing her 17 year old daughter for the past few years. The 15 year old allegedly had been posting things on Facebook accusing the older teen of lying. Law enforcement informed the mother that while the posts were definitely rude, they were not criminal. The case has been forwarded to the county attorney. Tuesday afternoon in Wright, a 55 year old man flagged deputies down while he was on Highway 387. He alleges that someone cut the wires on his Trans-Am while it was parked at his home. He was on his way to see a mechanic to determine if the wires had actually been cut or had just gone bad. *Information provided by GPD Lieutenant Brent Wasson and Campbell County Sheriff Scott Matheny.* #county17 #news -- *Brenda Kirk* Community Maven for | 614.940.7121 Twitter | Instagram | Facebook PitchEngine™ | *Connecting Communities* | Twitter | Facebook