February Weather in Gillette is Anybody's Guess

On this date in 1953, 12 inches of snow fell in Gillette. The record low temperature for today in history was -4°. That was in 2014. The record high temperature was 65°... 2015. This afternoon it got to 52°, and temperatures are predicted to stay that way all through the week. Meteorological winter is now two-thirds over. It’s becoming less and less likely this will be the cold and stormy winter that was predicted earlier in the season, at least for Northeast Wyoming and other plains states. According to the Weather Channel, it's going to stay warm above the average for this time of year. This is despite historical temperatures usually experiencing a cold shift after an El Niño. This year's storm isn't quite swamping the West Coast with floods and rain as predicted, however. [image: mar-apr-strg-elninos-cpc.jpg] *Map of previous El Niño effects provided by the National Weather Service.* Stanford University climate scientist Daniel Swain told the L.A. Times: "[This El Niño] hasn't been influencing the atmosphere in exactly the same way that we have seen." The circular pattern of warm water above the Pacific Ocean is larger and stronger this year, and has traveled further north than expected. That means wet weather has sort of bypassed both the Pacific Northwest and the Southern United States. In August, NOAA predicted the strength of this El Niño would bring a long winter to Wyoming. The National Weather Service out of Cheyenne also predicted a less windy winter. February is just beginning, so we'll see what's in store for the first day of spring in March. #county17 #news -- *Brenda Kirk* Community Maven for | 614.940.7121 Twitter | Instagram | Facebook PitchEngine™ | *Connecting Communities* | Twitter | Facebook