Dispatch: Multiple burglaries, DUIs; Breach of peace and public intoxication problems at Campbell County Hospital

Here's what happened around Campbell County over the weekend. All calls took place February 13th, through early morning February 15th. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Gillette Police Department* *Campbell County Hospital* A 45 year old man became physically combative with medical staff Saturday morning while at the hospital. He was arrested for intoxication, because he appeared unable to care for himself. At 10 a.m. on Saturday, GPD officers issued a citation to a 19 year old man for breach of peace after he was acting aggressively towards the staff, threatening them. On Saturday afternoon, a 19 year old man broke a fire extinguisher case and was hostile to employees, directly threatening a female staff member. The hospital refused to treat him. He was arrested for breach of peace and destruction of property. *Burglary* Saturday morning, GPD assisted a Moorcroft officer in a burglary investigation. A 56 year old man was arrested. Local police also helped seized and transport evidence related to the burglary in Moorcroft. Sunday morning, a 50 year old woman reported that someone had entered through the locked back door of Hong Kong Restaurant overnight. The suspect stole the cash register and a cash bag, a $1500 loss. Late Sunday night, a 37 year old man on Georgia Circle stated that someone had burglarized his home. Several of the man's statements over the phone to police were inconsistent. He claims two Playstation 4s, one Playstation 3, two controllers, and a small safe with collector's coins were taken. He estimated the loss at $1500 but wouldn't tell police the approximate cost of each individual item. The case was closed as officers were unable to gain access to the apartment that allegedly had been robbed. *Shoplifting *Saturday night at Wal-Mart, an 18 year old man was cited for shoplifting after he attempted to steal a package of pens and a wallet. Sunday night at 8:40 pm, an 18 year old shoplifted a pregnancy test from Family Dollar. The teenager ran from the store after the alarm system was activated, leaving one of her friends behind. Police found the teenager later on that night. She still had the stolen pregnancy test, and was cited for shoplifting. A 63 year old employee at Teacher's Corner reported a woman and her daughter came in to the store on Saturday afternoon. The mother was caught on surveillance camera taking a stuffed animal out of its packaging and putting it in her purse. She left without paying. *Breach of Peace* Saturday morning, a 29 year old woman and a 33 year old man were at the property they owned to change the locks. The renters, a 52 year old and a 27 year old, became upset when the owners tried to enter the home to take pictures. The young woman blocked the door and wouldn't let the owner enter. The woman allegedly grabbed the 27 year old renter by the shirt, scratching her on the chest. All parties were separated and officers conducted a civil standby while the 33 year old man completed a walk through of the home. No charges were issued. *Child Abuse* Two pastors brought a brother and sister to the police department on Saturday afternoon. The 15 year old boy reported leaving home on Friday after having an argument with his father, who allegedly pushed the teen in to the carpet and punched him in the head, then mocked him for crying. The boy then ran to his youth pastor's house, with no shoes or coat on. The 11 year old girl alleged she also left home, on the 13th, because her father was screaming profanities and throwing her older brother's clothes outside. The girl ran to a local business and was able to contact the youth pastor and her brother, who picked her up. The father never reported either child missing. He did not answer the door or phone when police tried to contact him. The children were placed in the care of the department of family services. *Destruction of Property* Saturday afternoon a 26 year old woman notified police she had left her Dodge Avenger at Boot Hill on Friday night, and returned to get her car the next day. The car began to shake and quit running as she drove away. She thinks a 28 year old man she knows put sugar in her gas tank. Officers found what looked like sugar, as well as a red liquid, around the gas tank. *Cam-plex* Saturday night at the rodeo, a 26 year old woman said she saw a 28 year old man walk past her twice and that he allegedly flipped her off. She said this was a violation of a protection order between the two. Cops spoke to the man, who says he only walked by her once, while waving to a friend. *Drugs* 9:40 pm Saturday night at the Fireside bar, a 28 year old female was issued a citation for possession of a controlled substance. A witness advised police that two females smelled of marijuana. When K9s sniffed the women's car they positively identified the presence of narcotics. 5.1 grams of pot was found in the vehicle. Officers stopped a Chrysler Sebring on Highway 59 Saturday night, and conducted a K9 search. The 16 year old driver appeared nervous, according to law enforcement reports, as the K9 indicated there was the presence of a controlled substance. Marijuana was found in back seat but not enough to charge the teen. Sunday night, police received a report that the smell of marijuana was coming from a home on Laramie Street. The 40 year old homeowner answered the door when law enforcement arrived. He gave officers 8 grams of pot and other marijuana paraphernalia, and consented to a search of the home, but nothing further was found. He was issued a citation for possession of a controlled substance, and his 41 year old house guest was cited for use of a controlled substance. *DUI* At 2 a.m. Sunday morning, the manager of Kum & Go near Foothills Blvd. called police and told them that a car had been parked at one of their gas pumps for a few hours. The manager checked on the driver and believed he had been drinking. Officers found a 22 year old man that allegedly smelled like alcohol, who admitted to drinking earlier. He failed his field sobriety and was arrested for DUI. His blood alcohol level at detention was .15. About a half hour later, police received an anonymous report of a drunk man in his truck on Sierra Circle, revving the engine. When officers arrived, they found a 34 year old man in a Dodge pickup, still revving the engine. He allegedly had trouble exiting the vehicle and smelled like alcohol, with slurred and confused speech. He refused a sobriety test and was arrested for DUI. A cab driver later reported he'd dropped the man off earlier in the night and the man had refused to pay the $8.50 fare. The man became combative on the way to the detention center, refusing to pay the $8.50. A search warrant had to be granted to obtain a breathalyzer result of .218. *Harassment* Officers received a report Sunday morning from a 24 year old woman, that a 25 year old woman had been at the Center Bar, telling the 24 year old's brother and sister-in-law that she was going to "drag the [24 year old] out of work, and beat her." A friend of both women advised police she had a text from the 25 year old, claiming she was going to "wreck [the 24 year old]." The friend also reported that she had a voicemail from the woman stating "Her knee was going to meet [the 24 year old's] face." The 24 year old did not want to press charges, she just wanted the situation documented. *Campbell County Sheriff's Office* *Mario Legarda, 26, Gillette,* was arrested on a warrant Sunday afternoon. Two car accidents were reported on Sunday. At approximately 3:45 pm, two teenagers,a ges 16 and 15, were found in a pickup truck that had rolled over on Fairview Road south of Highway 51. The were no injuries reported. Around 6:30 pm, A 53 year old woman's car slight off of Bishop road on the ice and went through a fence. She had minor injuries and was transported to the hospital. *All information provided by GPD's Corporal Jake Johnson and CCSO Sgt. Tony Seeman.* #county17 #news