Have you ever seen a snow-white prairie dog?

(Wellington, CO) Prairie Wildlife Research posted a photo to their Facebook page this morning that seemed to feature "polar bear" prairie dogs. We asked them whether or not such a thing is real. They said that while there is no actual "white" species, these two fellas sure look like polar bear-dogs. "These are black-tailed prairie dogs in South Dakota that are leucistic," PWR told County17. "The loss of pigmentation in their fur gives them a white appearance, but they are not albino." Leucism is only a partial loss of pigmentation, while albinism involves the loss of melanin. The giveaway is in the eyes. Though, albino prairie dogs with pink eyes have been spotted before near Wind River Reservation. Leucistic prairie dogs are a rare genetic mutation. You can see where a white prairie dog wouldn't exactly blend in during the summer months. These two are part of a natural zoo in South Dakota. For the last eleven years, Prairie Wildlife Research has worked to study and conserve local prairie wildlife, including their work in helping save the black-footed ferret from extinction. You can donate to their organization here . #county17 #news