Local Artist Shows Watercolor Collection in South Dakota

(Wyoming) Sarah Rogers was drawn to Sundance by family, and has lived in Wyoming the past 30 years. Most of what she paints is native to the state, featuring buffalo, bears, horses, sheep, and birds. Five galleries in five states display her work, and a sixth -- the Dahl Fine Arts Center in Rapid City -- has a new exhibition featuring her paintings. Rogers' watercolors, which are detailed, are in-your-face portraits of local wildlife. She uses toothbrushes and palette knives to get the unique effects on her paintings, a style which took her a long time to evolve. [image: horse.jpg] "When I first started I got lots of feedback like, 'Why is that bear red? Bears aren't red'," said Rogers on Dakota Midday . "You say 'What? Maybe I'm not doing this right,' but you just keep on, and you end up being true to yourself." She grew up in the Black Hills, and spent her childhood between Spearfish in the summers and Florida in the winters. Her artwork is dedicated to what she sees around the area. "Evolution: A Retrospective" runs at the Dahl Fine Arts Center in Rapid City through April 30th. Her work is available for sale at Higbee's in Sundance, as well as at the gallery show in Rapid City. She is the recipient of a 2015 Wyoming Governor’s Arts Award. #county17 #news