Missing Toddler in Weston County Dies From Exposure

(Upton, Wyo.) Saturday afternoon, February 13th, the Williams family put 2 year old Miira down for a nap. A half hour later, it was discovered she was missing. Volunteers helped the family search for hours. They finally located her a mile away from their Nester Road home. She had only her snow boots and pants on, and had been out in the cold and snow for five hours. Weston County Hospital in Newcastle tried for several hours to revive her, but she succumbed to stage two hypothermia at 12:46 Sunday morning. The Upton community is heart broken. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the Williams family with expenses, and the family thanked everyone there for their continued support and prayers. #county17 #news [image: 12742737_10102106118648484_3445180355857568296_n.jpg]