Cloud Peak proposes road relocation near Cordero Mine

(Gillette, Wyo.) Glenn Schueler, senior project engineer with Cloud Peak, presented a petition to Campbell County commissioners Tuesday morning, to relocate a portion of a road near Haight Road Airport. A recent land acquisition would allow the company to expand the Cordero Rojo mines westward. They will be backfilling a pit there in order to try and extend T-7 road past where it intersects Hilight Road. The move would shorten the jog in Hilight Road, bringing T-7 closer to Haight Road. There are three land owners in the area, all whom agree to the proposed changes. A small section of land is owned by the state, which Cloud Peak will have to seek approval from also in order to have the project finished by the start of 2018. Part of the extension involves installing lights and signs at the temporary truck crossing to alert residents of the presence of mining vehicles on the road. They'd also like to install overhead lights in the entire area so it's better lit at night. Cloud Peak would take responsibility for any damage, as well as assuming responsibility for cleanup and maintenance of the area as needed during the relocation. The speed limit in the new area would be 45 mph, and resume to 55 mph past the intersection. The board tentatively approved the changes, pending further survey of the area. The deadline for finalization is April 4th. #county17 #news