Dispatch: Drug arrests; DUIs; Domestic battery

Here's your report from law enforcement today. All calls took place February 15th, through early morning February 16th. Arrests listed also include this past weekend's activities. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Gillette Police Department* *Raymond Allen, 32, Gillette*, was arrested February 12th for unknown charges. *Billy Carter, 37, Gillette*, was arrested Monday afternoon on a warrant. *Sara Copeland, 26*, was arrested Monday night for domestic battery. She had allegedly struck her 25 year old boyfriend in the face. *Michael Craig, 45, Sturgis SD,* was arrested Saturday morning at the hospital for public intoxication. *Alex Favela, 22, Borger TX*, was arrested Sunday morning for a DUI. *Jack Gray, 37, Gillette*, was arrested Friday night on unknown charges. *Robert Jastren, 34, Gillette*, was arrested Sunday morning for a DUI. *Denise Jensen, 40, Gillette*, was arrested Saturday morning for a DUI. *John Jones, 22, Gillette,* was arrested Friday for domestic battery, and was charged additionally with unlawful contact on Monday afternoon. *Hillary Stroud, 22, Annandale MN*, arrested Monday night for possession of meth and marijuana. *Blaine Swaney, 21, Pine Haven*, was arrested Friday night for DUI. A 27 year old and a 24 year old were arrested Friday for possession of controlled substances. They were both charged with two additional forgery charges Monday afternoon. Their names were redacted. *Hit and Run* Monday morning a 41 year old man reported someone hit the fence at Quality Inn, on their way out of East Side Liquors. $500 damage was done. *Breach of Peace* A 16 year old boy allegedly was yelling profanities and punching the wall at the YES house Monday morning. He was cited for breach of peace. *Fraud* Monday afternoon a 61 year old woman reported that on February 14th, a fraudulent transaction appeared on Unity Enterprise's account for $324. *Campbell County Sheriff's Office* *David Bevel, 52, Gillette*, arrested on a warrant. *Leaf Erland, 23, Gillette*, was arrested for probation violation. *Berry Gibson, 33, Gillette*, was arrested for unknown reasons. *Sharon Kane, 42, Sheridan*, was arrested Saturday morning on a DUI. *Barney Linthicum, 42, Gillette*, arrested at VOA for possibly being under the influence of drugs. *Natasha Partridge, 36, Gillette*, arrested on a bench warrant Friday night. *Michael Sanderlin, 27, Gillette*, arrested for a failure to appear warrant. *Jennifer Sims, 28, Moorcroft*, arrested Saturday morning for a DUI. *Hallie Stratton, 20, Arvada CO*, arrested for a warrant. *Christopher Sweet, 38, Gillette*, was arrested Monday night for a DUI. *Theft *Eight miles west of Highway 59, building materials had allegedly been taken from the Outback Booster Station. The man who reported the theft is not sure what else had been taken, possibly rafters as well. He found footprints in the snow that led to Highway 59. *Destruction of Property* Monday around noon on Thomas Jefferson road, a woman reported that someone had loosened the lug blots on her tractor. While feeding animals last week, all the lug bolts but one came loose. She also noticed that the left front tire on her John Deere tractor had a puncture in it. *All information provided by GPD Sgt. Greg Brothers and Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds.* #county17 #news