How do you ski with no snow? Crook County's got it covered.

(Sundance, Wyo.) If you've been watching the Sundance Winter Festival page, you may have seen the daily updates about snow being brought in to Main Street the past few days. We've even put some video on our #whatshappening page. While the snowpack in the Bighorn Mountains is at a new record low level , it seems like further east towards the Black Hills they seem to have a supply of snow... somewhere. So we asked Winter Fest organizer Reggie Gaylord where they're trucking it in from. "We have gotten all of our snow from two locations," he told County 17. "The first is just out of town where snow is stored every winter that we fondly referred to as 'the Icebox', and the second is a gravel pit less than five miles from Sundance. Our elevation, paired with our general topography, lend a nice helping hand to our snow retention as well." [image: 12705726_1672410999696635_7750442443527398758_n.jpg] As of this afternoon, they'd hauled in over 2,400 cubic yards of snow. The forecast high temperatures for Saturday in Sundance are in the 40s, so it should be a nice warm sunny day for skijoring. #county17 #news #dally