Oil spill cleanup near Rozet still an ongoing concern

(Rozet, Wyo.) On Sunday, a pipeline leak caused 1,700 gallons of crude oil to leak into an area near Timber Creek Road. Belle Fourche Pipeline, the company responsible for the line, has been working all week to clean up the mess and prevent further leakage in to the surrounding area, about ten miles west of Rozet, along the railroad line. Keith Guille with the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality told County 17 that their staff inspected the site on Tuesday, and cited corrosion of an old pipeline as the likely source. When we spoke with Belle Fourche representative Bill Salvin he said an internal investigation is ongoing: "It’s important for us to go through the process of root cause analysis so that we can learn as much as possible and take steps to remedy any issues we find," Salvin said today. "We apply those learnings not only to the system near Gillette, but across our system." Oil spread about a quarter of a mile along Timber Creek Road, into the creek and along the railroad line. Crews burned off the oil from the water, but were out yesterday trying to get the rest of it cleaned up. Belle Fourche is the same company that had a pipeline spill in 2014 that put 12,000 gallons of oil in the Powder River, about 45 miles southeast of Buffalo. Between 2006 and 2014 they had 21 oil spill incidents -- not including the two most recent -- that spilled an estimated 270,00 gallons, 90,000 of which were caused by third-party strikes. #county17 #news