Average wages highest where jobs are being lost

(Wyoming) According to our partners at Bootstrapped , the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services (WDWS) published last week the 2015 second quarter numbers for jobs and wages. They revealed that the higher paying jobs around the state are where the most jobs are being lost, which is not surprising to anyone who has experienced a layoff. In that report was a breakdown of average wages by county. [image: e445d239-8255-4685-bcb7-b8c0d6154fab.png] As you can see, Campbell County lost nearly 600 jobs and $13 million in wages the last part of 2015. But part of that high figure could be that we also have some of the highest wages in the state: [image: 94398b69-3883-47e6-af78-3e92e3a8792e.png]Only Sublette and Sweetwater earn more per week. The largest job losses in Campbell County occurred in mining (including oil & gas), construction, professional, scientific, & technical services, and transportation. According to the WDWS, the average weekly wage in mining was $1,534. The lowest wages in Campbell County are in the arts & entertainment categories, earning an average of $228 a week. The full report can be found here . #county17 #news *Coal train photo provided by Flickr User Kimon Berlin // Pitchengine Communities*